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The Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations’ (NEWA) Programme Manager is a senior and managerial post with management, leadership, and program governance responsibilities. The Programme Manager (PM) is in charge of the Women’s Peace-building and Humanitarian Response Initiatives, as well as the Programme Operations, Communication and Public Relations Section, & IMS, Resource Centre, Fund Raising / Resource Mobilisation, Research, and M&E Units. The PM supports the Executive Director in her strategic duties and makes sure that the FYSP (2020-2024) serves as the blueprint for and the point of reference for all NEWA activities. The incumbent is involved in finding a strategic partner for NEWA to become a nationwide network of centers of excellence. The PM also assumes a leadership position in the development of human resources, the strengthening of internal technical capacities, the building of constituencies and membership at all levels, and, as necessary, partnerships with like-minded national and international institutions, associations, movements, and women’s, young women’s, and girls’ structures, as well as government institutions.

As an advocate Network organization, the job calls for a duty for the gathering and administration of information and knowledge necessary for well-informed choices, policy processes, advocacy activities (IMS), documentation, and distribution. These include having data that is broken down by gender, profiles of women and young women in leadership positions, and decision-making that complies with NEWA’s goals of serving as a benchmark for GE and the political empowerment of women. The PM also examines and identifies implementation gaps of pertinent laws, plans, and policies regularly, as well as the participation of women, girls, and young women in their broad areas of interest and needs as outlined in the FYSP.

The role holder must be enthusiastic about NEWA’s issues and internalize the essence, philosophy, and purpose of the organization. Being imaginative and forward-thinking, hardworking, steady, organized, and an effective manager and communicator are required attributes for a senior managing role. Set an example for the lower-level staff members by mentoring and coaching them when you can.

Responsibilities and obligations

• Ensure that projects and programs are directed, planned, managed, and coordinated by the NEWA’s FYSP (2020–2024) and the use of logical frameworks as management tools,

· Assist the Executive Directress in her strategic duties and make sure that the FYSP (2020-2024) serves as a guide and a point of alignment for all NEWA actions;

· Take the initiative to create the NEWA program portfolio in conjunction with the executive director and keep the program management system up and running.

• Monitor the daily activities of the Fund Raising / Resource Mobilisation, M&E, and Research Units, as well as the Women’s Peace-Building and Humanitarian Response Initiatives.

• Provide technical support to the program coordinator during program operations.

• Provide technical support and make sure all themes under the PM’s control contribute to meeting NEWA’s purpose, objectives, and expectations as well as registering and maintaining outcomes.

• Create project ideas to collect money or resources for the building and running of the Ethiopian Women’s Centre by the organization’s purpose and strategic goals.

• Attempt to find a long-term strategic partner to help NEWA get core financing so it can become a center of excellence,

• Launch and maintain policy monitoring and advocacy initiatives, the implementation of national laws and policies, as well as international conventions and frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Beijing Platforms for Action (BPA), CEDAW, Human Rights Declarations, Civil Rights, and Political, Legal, and Socio-Economic Rights from the perspective of gender equality and comprehensive empowerment for women.

• Get started on making sure that National Policies are gender-sensitive, include GRB plans, and work to eliminate GBV/VAWG, and HTPs at all levels.

• Ensure a favorable work environment by cultivating and developing an organizational culture of collaboration, transparency, equality, and respect for one another within her sphere of influence,

• Launch initiatives and put out plans for measures to enhance human resources while enhancing internal technological capabilities,

• Ensure NEWA’s participation in humanitarian aid efforts as well as issues relating to women, peace, and security.

• Suggest actions to make sure NEWA’s structure carries out the strategic plan’s execution, in which members actively participate, and that it satisfies the targets’ national contemporary needs, interests, and requests as well as the expectations of the member associations and organizations, creating a strong constituency.

• Implement appropriate measures to expand the constituency and membership at all levels, including partnerships with like-minded national and international organizations, associations, movements, women’s, young women’s, and girls’ structures, as well as governmental agencies.

• In close collaboration with the communication division, including NEWA magazine’s (Kinijit) press releases and statements, website and social media uploads, and in conjunction with the ED, manage communications via media relations and social media.

• Implement IMS, plan and carry out the gathering and management of knowledge necessary for well-informed choices, policy processes, and advocacy activities (research, policy briefings, press releases, gender-disaggregated data, and effective Resource Centre administration).

• The PM also examines and identifies implementation gaps in pertinent policies, regulations, and plans regularly, as well as the involvement of women, girls, and young women in their broad areas of interest and needs as outlined in the FYSP.

• Make sure NEWA participates in national feminist movements, sectoral discourses, policymaking, the national council, and other forums connected to gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the battle against GBV/VAWG.

• Examine and offer input on reports from the program coordination, M&E, research, C&PR, and fundraising.

• Implement software solutions to protect security and enhance internal communication, such as exchanging project papers and plans and receiving notifications from ME and Finance,

• Communicate and collaborate with appropriate NEWA partners and collaborators to increase NEWA’s visibility, activity coordination, and promotion of a common advocacy agenda.

• Represent NEWA in meetings and conferences on a national and worldwide level as directed by the Executive Director,

• Ensure that the program department, finance and administration department, other sections, units, and expertise are coordinated and complementary, and prevent duplications,

• Develop a plan to foster teamwork by having a common aim, mission, and vision.

• Maintain respect and positive relationships through communicating with coworkers, members, stakeholders, donors, and government partners honestly and effectively.

• Recognise potential risks and opportunities and take appropriate action to avoid failure;

• Carry out any additional tasks that the executive directors assigns.


• Supervision: Under the direction of the Executive Director, work autonomously while managing programme operations according to strategy and policy directives.

• Decision-Making: Takes responsibility for choices on program work duties, such as research, IT, communications (IMS), MEL, peace-building, humanitarian aid, membership, and partnership.

• Data or information management responsibilities: Manages and generates program data and has access to the information within NEWA program coordination and operations.

• personnel oversight responsibilities: She has the aforementioned decision-making authority over all technical personnel.

Division: Programme

Director of Executive Direction

Location of employment: NEWA Secretariat, Addis Abeba

How to Apply Online

Note: Only women applications will be considered for this position.

  • Please email your application to the following address if you are a qualified and interested female candidate.
  • Network of Ethiopia Women’s Association


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