Sales & Marketing Management Job vacancy in Ethiopia 2024

Full Time

Sales & Marketing Management Job vacancy in Ethiopia 2024

  • Type: Marketing and Sales
  • Where: Addis Ababa
  • Level of Career: Advanced Stage (5+ years of experience)
  • Type of Employment: full-time
  • Pay: Adjustable

Job Specifications

Statement of purpose: ASMs will report to the Regional Sales Manager and oversee sales in their designated territory as well as distribution and customer service plans for all distributors and clients. Driving secondary sales—sales from distributors to the general public—maintaining distributors’ adherence to predetermined operating standards, and facilitating plant-to-distributor and customer deliveries are the key focuses of the function. Mostly DSRs (Distributor Sales Representatives) and their employees made up their squad. All of the distributors in their specific region are under their daily supervision.

Obligations and liabilities:

• Mainly oversee and follow up on secondary sales, or sales from distributors to the broader public.

• Clearly convey to the sales staff and distributors the sales performance report.

• Assisting the distributor with daily sell outs and tracking the timely delivery of the main shipments.

• Working closely with the sales coordinator.

• Meets the SKU and revenue goals for the Areas for each and every product sold by each distributor.

• Review sales results every week and every month with the distributor and sales representatives.

Oversees a group of distributor sales representatives (DSR) to maximize productivity within their designated region.

• Closely collaborates with the retail distributor to support and oversee KPIs for the sales team, profitability, demand forecasting, credit management, and stock and order management.

• Establishes fruitful connections with important local wholesalers and retailers to bolster the distributor’s company.

• Oversee the important account clients listed for each distributor.

• Assist in developing the RTM database according to the characteristics of the market and help the distributor sales team with account creation and upkeep.

• Monitor secondary sales information and take the appropriate corrective measures (Call Rate, Success Rate, Strike Rate).

• Examine additional KPI reports and provide the necessary backing and assistance.

• Provide insights to the RSM & Trade marketing relevant to competitor activities.

• Evaluate each distributor’s monthly P&L review and provide an improvement action plan.

• Create a monthly collection schedule based on the designated goal.

• In charge of creating the RSM’s weekly market visit schedule and report.

• Schedule daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

• Keeps an eye on rival activities within the region and reports any significant discoveries.

• Assess market trends, compile data on competitors, and pinpoint patterns that may impact regional sales and profitability growth in the near and far future.

• Hold monthly and weekly meetings with the distributor staff and DSR.

• Taking care of emails and other correspondence (telegram)

• Verify that the distributor fulfills all requirements in accordance with the standard.

• Provide undelivered orders and downtime on a monthly and daily basis.

• Use of corporate resources (computer, car, documents) in a responsible manner

• Ninety percent of working hours were devoted to actual market visits.

• Office and paperwork (10% of working hours) (Report, statistics. etc.)

• Constantly mentoring staff members and distributor sales representatives

• Oversee all distributor sales representatives in the designated region, including the DSR.

• Establish a partnership with each and every distributor.

• Keep up a positive rapport with drivers and sales coordinators.

• Assure timely reporting of incidents.

Workplace Prerequisites


• A bachelor’s degree in the area of sales and marketing management A minimum of two years as an area sales manager or five years as a sales representative in the FMCG sector.


• A focus on the details.

• Capacity for organization

• Interpersonal Skills

• Focused on outcomes.

• Capacity for Analysis

• Ability to plan

• Coaching aptitude

• Focused on People

• Cooperation

How to Apply

Candidates who fit the qualifications above may submit their resumes and cover letters via In the cover letter, please provide the position’s JOB ID.


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