Public Health Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

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Public Health Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Job Description: TOR to appoint a consultant to complete the national technical working group terms of reference and pipeline national SBC documentation.



Together with its partners ActionAid Ethiopia, Zeleman Communications, Advertising, and Production, and Fraym, FHI 360 oversees the USAID Healthy Behaviours Activity (U-HB). Using evidence-based, theory-informed social and behavior change (SBC) tactics, U-HB seeks to enhance Ethiopia’s persistent adoption of suitable health and nutrition behaviors. In doing so, it hopes to lessen the unmet demand for family planning (FP); lessen and eventually eradicate malaria-associated morbidity and death; and enhance results linked to MNCH, COVID-19, and GHS (zoonotic illnesses). In addition, it seeks to change gender and societal norms that obstruct healthy behavior and lead to poor health outcomes in a variety of health domains. These norms are connected to emerging infectious diseases (EID), water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and other priority health issues related to nutrition.



One of the primary responsibilities assigned to USAID Healthy Behaviours Activity under the contract to assist the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia and regional health bureaus in their SBC endeavors is to support the Ministry of Health’s Public Relations and Communication Executive in hiring a consultant to conduct activities that expedite the implementation of SBC programs at the community and national levels. Leading and actively working on the formulation of guidelines and terms of reference are the two goals of the activities. In light of this, the incumbent will have the responsibility of creating a framework, packages, and implementation guidelines for the promotion of workplace and school health as well as developing the terms of reference for a stronger SBC technical working group at the federal level. It is expected that the TWG TOR, along with the guidelines and resources, will serve as a reference for regional health bureaus and lower structures in strengthening TWGs at the regional level.

The contract has a three-month duration (October 20, 2023 – January 20, 2024).


Payment: -By the consultant’s FHI-360 pay scale


Location: – The Ministry of Health, executive Office of Public Relations, and Communications will be the consultant’s location.


Technically, the position is under the direction of the MoH’s team head for health education and promotion.


Jobs: –

The following is a description of the specific services that the incumbent will provide: –

1. National Guideline for Health and Health System Literacy


• Examine the TWG-developed guidelines’ zero-draft version.


• Determine which priority areas need qualification.


• Gather information on health and health system literacy implementation and experiences from other nations.


• To create inclusive guidelines, collaborate closely with the MoH Health Promotion and Education team, other executive offices, and specialists.


• Create the national guideline’s final draught using an evidence-based methodology.


• Call a consultative gathering of relevant stakeholders and partners.


• Release the updated Health and Health Literacy Guidelines.


2. Creation of an implementation guideline and framework for school health:


• Review and analyze the gaps, possibilities, strengths, weaknesses, and national and international contexts of school health implementation.


• Take the lead and organize stakeholders in the creation of the framework and implementation guidelines for school health.


• Provide support to the health education and promotion team in creating a clear and appropriate school health implementation package and resources.


• Closely cooperate and take ownership of the school health programs by collaborating with other administrative offices and specialists.


• Create a transparent monitoring and assessment system that includes indicators for school health.


• Oversee the completion and validation of the implementation guide and school health framework in conjunction with partners and local SBC experts.


• The school health framework’s job pricing.


• Updates the training material and school health packages by MoH CPD guidelines.


• Send the paperwork to the executive office for public relations and communication.


3. Creation of implementation guidelines and packages for workplace health promotion


• Examine and analyze the gaps, possibilities, strengths, weaknesses, and national and international contexts of workplace health promotion and communication.


• Oversee, plan, and direct stakeholder consultation workshops to get their opinions on the workplace health promotion package and implementation guidelines.


• Help the health promotion and communication team create a clear, applicable implementation guide for workplace health promotion.


• Closely collaborate with many industries to gain understanding and establish program ownership for workplace health promotion.


• Create the indicators and monitoring tool for the workplace health promotion program.


• Oversee the completion and validation of the implementation guide and workplace health promotion packages in conjunction with partners and local SBC specialists.


• Send the completed paper to the executive office for health communication and public relations.


4. Completing a Terms of Reference to enhance the national technical working group (TWG)


• Complete the draught. TOR TWG


• Take the lead in creating the action plan while consulting the TWG members.


• Arrange for a consultation session with the members to present the TOR and solicit feedback.


• After taking into account comments, including the yearly implementation plan, finalize the TOR.


• Send in the completed TOR and implementation strategy.




• Only applications that are complete will be assessed.


Job prerequisites


Conditions: –


• A Master of Science degree in communication, health promotion, public health, or a similar discipline


• A minimum of ten years experience, particularly in SBC, health promotion, communication, or associated initiatives


• Being aware of regional and worldwide SBC implementation tactics and methods


• Knowledge of the national SBC policy papers, such as the national SBC quality assurance guidelines and material creation guidelines, and the national health promotion and communication strategy


• Proven track record in creating formative assessments, implementation tools, and SBC strategies


• Prior ministry experience would be advantageous.


• Prior experience creating guidelines would be beneficial.


How to Utilise


Before/on October 20, 2023, interested and eligible applicants are urged to apply by emailing their application and updated CV to


The application form needs to contain:

• A suggested work plan, consisting of a maximum of three pages and a description of each task for this SOW.


• CV (two pages at most)


• Budget determined by this SOW (Each consultant’s daily charge has to be included)


• The contact details of three references with whom the consultant completed comparable work.


Disclaimers and Safety Provisions

The solicitation may be canceled by FHI 360 and no reward made.


• any of the replies may be rejected by FHI 360.


• The solicitation’s release does not imply that FHI 360 will make an award.


• FHI 360 has the right to reject any offer if the offeror does not adhere to the terms of the request.


• No offeror will receive payment from FHI 360 for answering a solicitation.


• FHI 360 retains the right, without further discussion, to make an award based only on the preliminary assessment of the bids.


• Depending on the activities in the request, FHI 360 may decide to grant just a portion of the activities or make several awards.


• To encourage competition, FHI 360 retains the right to overlook minor proposal flaws that are fixable before the prize is decided.


To apply for this job email your details to