NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024 This week

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USAID/Ethiopia, and two associated offices of USAID/USAU and USAID/Djibouti, the Executive Office’s Information Technology (IT) team is responsible for providing computer network operations and support for Mission’s approximately 250 staff.

In compliance with Proclamation Amendment No. 79/2015, the Addis Ababa City Administration Innovation and Technology Development Bureau has been formed. He has been granted more than twenty-one authorities and responsibilities under the order. Modernising and streamlining institutional processes is the bureau’s primary goal.


NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024 This week


Comprehensive Goals of the Agreement

The Information Technology (IT) team of the Executive Office of USAID/Ethiopia and its two affiliated offices, USAID/USAU and USAID/Djibouti provides computer network operations and support for the Mission’s around 250 employees. Using 20 network multifunction printers, 20 desktop printers, over 250 personal computers, mobile devices (such as iPhones, iPads, temporary duty phones, laptops, personal recovery devices), a server room with 10 servers, network switches, firewalls, a tape backup system, routers, and more than 200 Server-Based Computing (SBC) hard and soft tokens, the position helps with the supervision and day-to-day customer support of 250 staff members. A local internet service provider connects to AIDNet via many kilometres of fibre optic and unshielded twisted pair cable that spans numerous floors and buildings in the Embassy property. A State Department-managed satellite serves as a backup connection.

The IT Assistant is responsible for guaranteeing EXO/IT assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the Mission’s IT requirements. To enhance IT practices, the IT Assistant will find problems and inconsistencies, assist with analysis and problem-solving to address IT issues, guarantee better consistency support for all offices, and escalate any unresolved issues to the Supervisory Systems Manager as needed. The IT Assistant will support the EXO/IT team by ensuring best practices and providing direction and interpretation to all offices as a partner in the IT function. In addition to developing and maintaining a thorough understanding of Agency and Mission needs, the IT Assistant will also make sure that they are personally organized and manage their time effectively at work, interact closely with the team and offices in all IT-related areas, and effectively monitor and maintain assigned work processes from beginning to end. The IT assistant will make sure that information technology problems are resolved within the team or offices and will keep correct and comprehensive IT tracking records. When necessary, the IT assistant will also conduct routine audits of both paper and electronic files.

An Outline of the Tasks to Be Completed

IT Customer Support, Help, and Assessment (40%):

  • In charge of identifying first-level issues, documenting incidents and problems, resolving issues, and elevating issues to additional IT staff members as needed;
  • Supports the configuration of mobile and desktop software, as well as TDY phones, laptops, iPhones, iPads, and personnel recovery devices;
  • Installs new hardware, including multifunction printers, and keeps an eye on the use of shared peripherals;
  • Gathers and provides other IT staff with succinct issue information;
  • Helps set up the conference rooms appropriately for regular usage and assists with projector and/or VTC equipment setup for teleconferences.
  • Collaborates with the Supervisory Systems Manager to provide approachable advice based on the most prevalent issues raised in trouble complaints.
  • Be organized in your work and time management to guarantee that customer inquiries are answered in a prompt, informed, and professional manner. If requests and/or questions need to be forwarded to another team or department for action or inquiry, make sure you follow up as needed until the task is finished.
  • Exhibit excellent customer service, including active listening, tolerance, focus on the requirements of the client, promptness, responsiveness, and following up until problems are fixed.
  • Handle incoming tickets from users via email, phone, or online portal with efficiency; evaluate each ticket’s impact and urgency to set priorities and ensure that urgent issues are resolved quickly; diagnose technical problems that users report; promptly resolve them or refer them to the relevant support teams if needed.
  • When responding to questions from consumers and clients and collaborating with other team members, make sure that all demands are communicated professionally and proactively.
  • Maintain customer databases, information, mission intranet, etc. with meticulous attention to detail, and make sure that sufficient communications and paperwork are kept for tracking reasons.
  • Take the initiative to monitor, evaluate, and audit data and operations regularly to make sure that process areas are followed, that efficiency is maximized, and that replies are up to par or better than customer service requirements.
  • Keep thorough inventories of all IT assets, including peripherals, software, hardware, and licenses; track each asset’s acquisition, deployment, location, and status over its entire lifecycle; and conduct routine audits and physical inventory checks to confirm that asset records are accurate and complete; identify any discrepancies and take corrective action as necessary to preserve data integrity.

30% of the total is User Account Management.

  • Provide access to computer systems, software, and network resources while managing user accounts in compliance with established rules and procedures.
  • Oversee the provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts and access credentials in a timely and correct way, as well as the onboarding and offboarding procedures for new hires, transfers, and exits.
  • Conducts new user orientation and regularly trains Mission personnel on cutting-edge technologies and the use of IT tools, resources, and applications;
  • assigns network IDs to users, establishes user directories on the network, and configures the appropriate permissions for accessing network files and directories;
  • Creates and maintains all corporate applications for USAID, such as WinTA, e2, forms, templates, databases, and maps, for certain intended uses;
  • Contributes to the USAID/Ethiopia intranet site and makes updated requests as required;
  • Ensures that computers are installed with only authorized software; and
  • Configures user access permissions and secures shared files by modifying file and directory properties.

30% of the labor involves operating, installing, modifying, and maintaining local area networks (LANs).

  • Install, set up, and use LAN hardware, such as switches, routers, access points, and network cabling, in compliance with the mission’s defined guidelines.
  • To guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of the LAN infrastructure, carry out regular maintenance procedures including software updates, firmware upgrades, and hardware inspections in addition to diagnostic tests.
  • Sets up and maintains local and store-bought PC programs on the file server and local hard drives;
  • Keep an eye on file server disc space, network performance, and traffic trends;
  • Examine the results of vulnerability scan reports and implement suggested fixes.
  • Keeps an eye on network communications circuits and fixes issues;
  • Tracks how network applications are used to ascertain if more hardware and software are required;
  • Offers people advice on preventing “viruses” or virtual security issues;
  • Verifies compliance with system security protocols, such as password security and physical security.
  • To safeguard privacy and data integrity on a shared system, maintains directory trustee assignments, log-on IDs, and file and directory properties; and
  • Constructs user-friendly menus, user log-on scripts, systems, and network user groups.

As per USAID policy, the contractor is qualified to go to the United States or other foreign places for training, temporary service, or to take part in the “Foreign Service National” Fellowship Programme.

Relationship with the Supervisor

The Supervisory Systems Manager will have direct oversight over the activities of the Computer Management Assistant.

Controls for Supervisors

Absence of oversight obligations


The required job does not require excessive physical exertion.


When an offeror is chosen for the contract award, the Contracting Candidates will advise how to fill up and submit the following forms:

The Department of State’s Medical History and Examination Form

  • Non-Sensitive Positions Questionnaire (SF-85)
  • FD-258 Fingerprint Card

Advantages and PermissionsAccording to police, and where applicable, a PSC is often eligible for the following perks and allowances:


medical coverage, sick leave, yearly leave, and group life insurance.

ALLOWANCES (if relevant):

allowance for meals and several benefits.


It is required of Cooperating Country Nationals to abide by all applicable Ethiopian laws and regulations.


The following resources provide USAID rules and regulations about CCN awards:

  • The “General Provisions” contract clause can be found in Appendix J of the USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), “Direct USAID Contracts With a Cooperating Country National and with a Third Country National for Personal Services Abroad,” which is accessible at
  • AID 309-1, the Contract Cover Page, is accessible at Following the contract award, pricing per line item will be decided as follows:


ITEM Number



(C) Unit


(E) Amount


0001 Base Period: Fringe Benefits, Compensation, and Other Direct Expenses (ODCs)

– Type of Award: Price

– Product Service Code: [such as… R497]

– Accounting Information: [insert one or more Phoenix/GLAAS citations] 1 Lot $ _TBD__ at Award after discussions with Contractor_

  • Contract Information Bulletins (CIBs) and Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directives (AAPDs) for Individual Personal Services Contracts are accessible at
  • Moral Behaviour. The contractor will be admitting receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” which may be obtained from the U.S. government, by accepting a USAID personal services contract on an individual basis. Office of Government Ethics, in compliance with 5 CFR 2635 and General Provision 2. Check out the OGE Regulations at
  • Ombudsman for PSC

For every Personal Services Contractor that has a contract with the US Agency for International Development, the PSC Ombudsman is a resource that may shed light on the details of their particular agreement with the agency. Kindly visit our webpage at for more details.

  • is the email address to reach the PSC Ombudsman.

FAR Clauses Included by Reference



Equal employment opportunities are provided to all individuals by the U.S. Mission in Ethiopia, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. Equal employment opportunity is another goal that USAID/Ethiopia works to accomplish in all personnel activities.

People who feel they have been denied equal opportunity because of their political membership or marital status may file an EEO complaint. People who have such concerns should seek recourse via the relevant grievance processes, courts, and/or remedies for banned personnel practices.


Workplace Prerequisites




Education: Two years of post-secondary full-time study at a college or university in computer science, information science, computer/electronics engineering, or similar fields (or the equivalent hours split over a part-time study period).

Previous Experience: Three years of experience working in a networked computer environment, providing hardware and application support. This included maintaining and repairing desktop PCs, servers running Windows 2003, printers, UPSs, phone systems, LANs, and Wan systems.

Language: Level IV Amharic and English.




In line with FAR 52.215-1, the Government may grant a contract without consulting candidates.  By FAR 15.306(c), the CO retains the authority, at any stage of the assessment process, to assemble a competitive group of applicants with whom discussions will take place.  According to FAR 52.215-1, the CO may restrict the number of candidates in the competitive range to the maximum number that will allow efficient competition among the highest-rated offers if the CO determines that the number of offers that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted.  The following link provides access to the FAR requirements mentioned above:


The competitive ranking of eligible applicants relative to other candidates is determined by rating parameters. As resumes are assessed solely based on the material presented, candidates are required to exhibit the rating elements listed below. The following are the rating factors:




EDUCATION (10 points): Points will be awarded for either (1) completion of coursework over the required minimum of (2) specialized coursework relevant to the role. and/or (3) specific training appropriate for the role.

WORK EXPERIENCE (30 points): Points will be awarded for the following: (1) experience beyond the minimal requirements; (2) specialized experience relevant to the role; (3) experience in relevant development assistance initiatives; and (4) experience in large, international development organizations.

KNOWLEDGE (30 points): To ensure the continuous successful operation of a computer installation intended to provide automation assistance to a big organization, the incumbent must possess appropriate knowledge of computer systems management.


SKILLS AND ABILITIES (20 points): Capacity to assess the computer system’s and its parts’ limits and capabilities to establish the suitability of proposed projects and priorities in terms of meeting support needs. Capacity to communicate system needs to management to maximize automation prospects and get support for computer and automation programs. The capacity to strike a balance between the needs of the central system and those of each user.


Performance at the interview (60 points)


Written Exam: Forty Points

RATING BASIS: Candidates who fulfill the requirements will be assessed based on the evaluation and selection factors.

In the offer package, candidates should address these issues and provide precise and detailed information about their experience, education, training, and/or awards about the variables. All relevant experience, education, training, and/or awards may not be credited if the Evaluation and Selection Factors are ignored.


The top-ranked candidates can be chosen for a written exam and interview. Interviews may take place over the phone or via a video call, at the discretion of USAID.


The applicants’ final TEC recommendations will be determined by the written exam, interview performance, and preliminary assessment of their applications. The cost of any interview-related expenditures will not be covered by USAID or Ethiopia.

Professional Reference Checks That Meet Requirements: Pass/Fail (no points awarded). Only the top-ranked applicant will have their references checked.  Please be aware that in addition to the references supplied by an offeror, references may also be independently acquired from other sources. A applicant should indicate in their cover letter if they do not want USAID to get in touch with their present employer to verify references. USAID won’t get in touch with references if the candidate does not want them to.


How to Apply


Qualified bidders must fill up and send in:

1. The offer form, DS-174 (Application for U.S. Federal Employment), is available at or on the U.S. embassy website,

2. An English-language résumé

3. Application letter (cover letter) outlining your familiarity with the assessment standards (Section III: Assessment and Selection Criteria), and

4. Provide the contact details for a minimum of three and a maximum of five references, two of whom must have firsthand knowledge of the offeror’s prior performance.

Additional Advice:

Offerors must include the Solicitation Number in their offer submission for it to be considered for the intended post.

The only way to apply is to send an email to with the subject line “Solicitation 72066324R10012, Computer Management Specialist.” Make sure the solicitation number and your name appear at the top of every page.

Kindly refrain from submitting multiple applications.

The application must be submitted by local Ethiopian time at 5 p.m. on the closing date, if not before. (Addis Ababa Time, or EAT, in local Ethiopian terms).  Applications that are incomplete or sent late won’t be accepted.



To apply for this job please visit