Management Job in Ethiopia

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Management Job in Ethiopia

Job Description: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is a self-governing development organization with its headquarters located in Switzerland. It has been providing global operations for the last 65 years. To do business in the fields of rural infrastructure, natural resource management, support for CSOs and local governments, skill development and education, and emergency response, HELVETAS is registered as a foreign organization with the Agency for Civil Society Organisation in Ethiopia. Also see. Helvetas website.

Job Objective:

The SwS-funded rehabilitation project in Samre and Seharti, Ethiopia, will be managed and coordinated by the project manager. The position holder will be in charge of managing the project’s planning, execution, monitoring, evaluation, learning, partner support, narrative, and financial reporting, in addition to liaising with pertinent stakeholders, such as the government offices in the Tigray region. The project manager will collaborate closely with the support function teams stationed at the country office and field level, reporting to the Humanitarian Response Coordinator.

The project has a maximum term of July 31, 2024, although it may be extended based on future financial availability.

Particular obligations and duties

 Designing Programmes and Organising Resources

• Encourage the start of project ideas that are based on community priorities and participatory need assessments.

• Encourage local stakeholders to participate in project identification and conception, such as sectoral offices and the community.

• Coordinate with the Humanitarian team and pertinent CO program development professionals to refine the concept papers and provide suggestions for resource mobilization.

 Managing and implementing projects:

• Oversee the execution of an SSRP project financed by SwS, collaborating closely with the project team and partners to ensure that every step of the process is monitored, reviewed, and reported on.

• Create a thorough work schedule for the SSRP project.

• Assist the associations and organizations that benefit from the project in attaining its outputs and results by offering guidance, support, and facilitation.

• Assume leadership of the project programs about timely and high-quality delivery, financial overviews and narrative reporting, and close collaboration with government counterparts.

• Create and create operational tools and training materials relating to the project.

• Contribute to donor reports on a weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

• Provide comprehensive financial management, spending control, and budget monitoring for the project’s operations, ensuring that donor and minimum Helvetas criteria are met.

Compliance and Financial Management

• Ensure that timely and proper financial reports are delivered to the humanitarian response coordinator.

• Keep an eye on budgets to make sure there are no overspending or underspending, and promptly bring up any concerns with the line manager.

• Create a monthly cash flow plan and oversee the field office budget within authorized expenditure limits to provide a consistent and sufficient flow of funding for program operations.

• Ensure that funds are used sensibly and carefully for the intended uses by donor requirements and internal Helvetas financial standards.

• Keep an eye on how the field office is using all of its resources, including money, commodities, stocks, cars, office supplies, and other items.

• Guarantee that every resource in the field office’s possession is suitably recorded, updated annually, and given the necessary care and attention.

• Ascertain that any improper use of resources is promptly reported to the relevant authorities and remedied.

Communication and Representation

• Helvetas representation and active involvement in sectoral and pertinent working groups and subsectors

• Manage the exchange of information between teams and guarantee that the outcomes of monitoring and evaluation are comprehended and used to enhance programs.

• Ensure that there is information exchange and timely contact with the line manager and other pertinent CO departments.

• Attend coordination and cluster meetings at the appropriate Woreda and Zonal levels on behalf of Helvetas Ethiopia.

• Establish seamless working relationships with the Regional State’s pertinent Woreda and Zonal level offices. Encourage adherence to the organization’s core concepts and values while cultivating relationships with stakeholders.

• Arrange for the signing of agreements and the procurement of support letters for programming purposes from the appropriate government sectoral offices at the zonal and woreda levels.

• Support initiatives to increase stakeholder engagement in program planning, execution, monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities.

• Using both informal and official channels, provide staff members—subordinate, lateral, and senior—constructive feedback.

Reporting and accountability

• Maintain a close eye on pertinent project components, build pertinent accountability initiatives within them, and step up efforts to record the effects of actions.

• Verify adherence to procurement-related internal and external reporting requirements.

• Encourage responsibility in all endeavors, particularly about our recipients and the global norms that direct aid and development activities; moreover, aggressively include recipient communities as equal collaborators in the planning, execution, and assessment of the SSRP project.

Personnel Management

• The project officer for SSRP’s direct line manager

• Ensure that newly hired employees get enough orientation and a suitable induction on the organization’s rules, values, and safety measures.

• Guarantee the workers’ and the operations’ general safety and security.

• Encourage the emergence and growth of mutual learning and collaboration via cooperative dialogue.

• Ascertain that every employee has an annual performance and development plan and that they get frequent coaching and feedback on their work by Helveta’s performance management policies.

Understanding and Practise:

• For BSC/BA, a minimum of eight years of relevant work experience is required; for MA, MSC, and MBA, it is six years.

• Possessing relevant expertise in national and international non-governmental organization administration and coordination of emergency and recovery programs.

• Proficiency in cross-sectoral humanitarian interventions.

• It is ideal if you have experience overseeing and directing humanitarian programs supported by a variety of funders.

• Capacity to lead and collaborate in a group of individuals with diverse technical backgrounds and training levels.

• Capacity to build rapport and communicate with collaborators, such as field-level peer organizations, government sectoral offices, and cluster coordinators, seamlessly and efficiently.

• Possessing a wealth of management and organizational expertise.

• The capacity to conduct comprehensive information gathering and problem assessments to enhance the planning, execution, and reporting of emergency interventions.

• Work experience in the pertinent regions and geographical areas, together with an in-depth contextual understanding of the relevant clans and cultures.

• Proficient in speaking and writing reports, with a strong command of the English language; familiarity with regional languages is a plus.

• Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

• Outstanding interpersonal skills and a track record of leading and collaborating in a team environment.

• Track record of success in managing conflicts and crises.

How to Utilise

Candidates who meet the requirements are invited to apply by submitting an updated CV and application to

HELVETAS is an equal-opportunity workplace, and we strongly welcome applications from women.

Please make sure the subject line of your application includes the title of the post and the duty station you are applying for.

Please be aware that only those on the shortlist will get communication.

To apply for this job email your details to