Logistics Assistant Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

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Logistics Assistant Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Title of job: Assistant in Logistics

Location: Somali region’s Ayun-Nogob zone

Final date: 22 October 2023

A network of sixteen humanitarian non-governmental organizations, known as Arzte Der Welt, Doctors of the World, or Médecins Du Monde, works on health and medical assistance programs both domestically and internationally. Ensuring access to basic healthcare services, SRH/MCH services (including GBV), and psychological support are the main priorities. In addition, MdM-Ge promotes universal rights and access to health care, particularly for underprivileged populations and those impacted by crises and wars.

Since 1986, MdM-Ge has operated in Ethiopia, conducting a variety of programs, ranging from emergency response to long-term initiatives. The current MdM-Ge project in the Somali region aims to prevent epidemics, including COVID-19, and improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare services (with a focus on sexual and reproductive health) for the population affected by conflict and crisis in two areas of the region (Gerbo, Nogob Zone / Koloji IDP Camp / Fafan Zone). By enhancing access to SRH, special attention will be given to the needs of women and girls.

offerings, such as GBV. This multi-sectoral strategy integrates nutrition and WASH, which is implemented locally by OWDA (Organisation for Welfare and Development in Action).



Job title: Logistics  Assistant
Location:  Ayun – Nogob zone, Somali region
Reports to: Project Manager
Number of Posts 01 /one /
Closing date: October 22, 2023


  • The following primary tasks will be carried out by the logistic assistant under the direction of the project manager:
  • Assist in putting the policies and procedures for all logistical tasks into practice.
  • assistance in bolstering effective fleet management systems.
  • Assist the base logistician in ensuring the assets and personnel of MdM Germany are safe and secure.
  • Observe all base maintenance and repair procedures (cars, fuel use, and local infrastructure).
  • Collaborate closely with the administrative and program departments while supporting the field locations logistically.
  • Assist with the upkeep and administration of the basic level inventories.
  • Assignments and Accountabilities:



  • Assist and oversee all MdM-owned and rented automobiles in compliance with the requirements mandated by MdM Germany.
  • Regularly check and maintain the logbooks for generators and cars.
  • Prepare fuel usage records, arrange gasoline, and refill the vehicles.
  • Utilizing the program, create a weekly travel schedule, and ensure that the vehicles are always in working order.
  • Maintain tight communication and oversee the drivers’ roster.
  • Oversee vehicle security and safety.
  • Assist with ensuring that all vehicles are properly maintained and stocked with basic tools, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, replacement parts, and registration books.


  • Estimate and plan the number of office supplies, gasoline, and lubricants that will be utilized in the various buildings (offices, homes, stores, etc.), and ensure that the MDM premises comply with security regulations.
  • Assist in the management of internet, IT, and communication devices (landlines, cell phones, satellite phones).
  • inspects the cleanliness of various outside areas (courtyards, gardens, etc.) and keeps track of small building repair projects.
  • Regularly visit the property and inspect the overall condition of the infrastructure (walls, roofing, electrical installations, water supply, and quality).
  • Assist in disposing of household garbage at various sites and ensure that waste treatment equipment is kept in good working order.



  • Assist the Base Logistician in guaranteeing safety and risk control for MdM Germany personnel, property, vehicles, and staff travel.
  • To ensure that safety and security procedures are implemented smoothly, security guards should get proper training and constant supervision.
  • Make sure that all of the safety and security equipment is in working order by regularly checking and updating it.
  • Help oversee the security guard duty roster and make sure the visitor data is kept up to date.
  • Keep the car gate pass filing system up to date.

Job prerequisites

  • a bachelor’s degree or diploma
  • training that is pertinent to operations, fleet, security, and logistics
  • three years of INGOs’ work experience.
  • While a solid command of the English language is required, proficiency in Somali is preferred.
  • strong emergency planning abilities and independence in day-to-day operations
  • Excellent reporting and communication abilities
  • strong proficiency in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel in Microsoft Word
  • Knowledge or experience in the Somali area is advantageous.

How to Utilise

  • Kindly include a one-page CV, three references relevant to your job, and a two-page curriculum vitae.
  • a brief letter outlining how your qualifications and experience align with the aforementioned job criteria.
  • Please provide all of the following in one MS Word or PDF document, if at all feasible. Additionally, provide your name and the job title in the subject line.
  • Apply through Ethiopian Jobs Online. Submission deadline: October 22, 2023
  • Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply by Arzte Der Welt!
  • Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

To apply for this job please visit www.ethiojobs.net.