Imagine1day International Organization Jobs in Ethiopia

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Imagine1day International Organization Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Description: Imagine1day is a nonprofit development organization that is non-aligned and works to increase Ethiopians’ access to high-quality elementary education. The Imagine1day-Ethiopia Programme connects stakeholders and development partners via creative models to support national efforts to improve and guarantee universal quality primary education for Ethiopian children.

Role: Coordinator of Regional Human Resources and Administration

To: Regional Programme Manager (report)

Jobs Under this role’s direction: to be determined

Duration: One year, with the option to extend later

Duty Station: Afar Region (Semera), Amhara Region (Dasie), Oromia Region (Adama), and South Ethiopia (Arba Minch), with a 10% field visit to project locations

                       JOB OVERVIEW:

The day-to-day administrative and human resources operations for the regional office will be overseen, supported, and managed by the Human Resources and administration Officer (HR&O). carries out the organization’s overall human resources (HR) leadership; applies HR policies and procedures that are consistent with the organization’s strategic objectives, vision, and mission; guarantees the implementation of Imagine1day’s HR strategy; supports strategic leadership in recruiting, performance managing, developing, and retaining the right people in the right positions to ensure that Imagine1day successfully achieves its objectives; supports the regional manager in the area of HR functions (performance management, conflict management, recruitment, etc.); delivers pertinent and timely information about the deployment, competitiveness, and effectiveness of the organization’s HR; and participates in the organization’s overall leadership, representation, and strategic decisions.

 Among the many roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Recruitment and Retention: Examine and comprehend the various work units’ organizational frameworks.
  • Offer guidance and support in creating job descriptions for open jobs.
  • File requests for authorization related to HR hiring and contracting by the Authority Structure.
  • Supervises the application of a hiring procedure.
  • Examine job postings before posting, filter resumes, arrange phone interviews, organize interview teams, interview applicants themselves, and make sure all paperwork is gathered, documented, and filed.
  • Leads orientation training sessions for new hires, including IOD HR rules, processes, and systems in addition to the organization’s vision, purpose, and values.
  • Arrange prompt induction programs to effectively support new hires’ learning and assimilation into the people, systems, and procedures.
    Record departure interviews.
  • Verify that all workers and subcontractors are aware of the PSEA policy, reference checks, and criminal background checks, as well as the kid safety guidelines.
  • Assure a comfortable and secure working environment for every employee.
  1. Compliance and Documentation:
    • Assist the regional program manager with matters about human resources.
  • Encourage organizational transformation while working with the top management group.
  • Ensures that organizational structures take into account the demands for operations and IOD programs.
  • Take part in the yearly evaluation of the HR Policy handbook and suggest revisions that are necessary for light of evolving labor legislation or local situations.
  • Closely collaborate with other departments to help line managers comprehend and apply rules and procedures
  • Oversee the office’s timesheets, making sure they are accurately completed, approved on time, and filed.
  • Oversee employee health, insurance, and pension matters by Ethiopian labor laws, as well as the proclamation, directive, and policy of the Agency for Civil Society organization for private workers’ pensions.
  • Control the use of yearly leave by employees, ensuring that there are no carryovers or unused time.
  • Provide timely and consistent HR data to the Country office to ease the creation and distribution of HR reports.
  • Automate the HR system to maintain an extensive personnel profile, ensure correct contract period management, and conform to HR Policy and labor legislation.
  • Supports decision-making about hiring, benefits for employees, and other management matters.

Participates in the annual program operational planning; creates the annual personnel budget and updates the I1D regional employees’ cost allocation regularly; creates annual performance goals for the HR and Administration staff; coaches and performs performance reviews for staff in her/his department and others.

  • Examine performance assessment instruments and provide revised copies to line managers for performance reviews.
  1. Remuneration and Benefits:
    • Keep an eye on pay, making sure it complies with regulations and promotes internal fairness.
  • Assist with job grading, analysis, and job description updates.

Participates in the INGOs HR network; conducts surveys on salaries and benefits to guarantee internal equality and the organization’s salary competitiveness in the local labor market; and proposes a logical pay scale.

  1. Payroll and Budget:
    • Coordinate with the Finance department in the production of monthly Payroll
    • Provide advice and help on suitable personnel levels and aid in budget development
    • Review employee final payments for correctness and compliance with labor regulations.
  2. Administration:
    • Manages all local insurance renewals and claims, including personnel insurance • Controls vehicle log sheets, reconciles used supplies, and prepares monthly reports
    • Arranges all staff travel and lodging, training programs, and visitor arrangements~
    • Supervises and offers management support for vehicle and equipment repair and maintenance
    • Manages personnel insurance and renewals
  • Ensures that items and inventory are properly received, documented, and stored;
    • Coordinates the organization’s transportation and logistical requirements;
    • Supports and communicates with all departments and regional offices about all procurement
  • Manages all local procurement and deliveries by current I1D policies and procedures, including price and quality control, customs clearance, and purchase and stock status reports;
    • Creates comprehensive monthly purchase and stock status reports and places purchase orders as necessary;
    • Oversees store operations and those of the regional offices;
    • Ensures regular performance of stock inventory and prepares periodic physical inventory reports;
    • Oversees the management of comm
  1. Maintenance of Performance and Training and Development:
  • Assess the need for staff growth and training, then provide suggestions.
  • Manage the planning and execution of yearly performance evaluations.
  1. Employee Relations: Collaborate with regional management to provide a practical solution to employee relations problems.

Examine matters about employee relations and endeavor to guarantee that judgments about human resources are impartial and consistent.

  • Carry out additional tasks that the regional program manager assigns you.

Essential Requirements

  • Academic Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in human resources or a comparable subject, or an equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • • Relevant Work Experience: Three years of minimum experience in human resources, with experience in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) being preferable.

Additional Skills, Competencies, and Abilities Needed:

• Must be knowledgeable with national Human Resources rules and regulations.

  • Capacity to collaborate with management to pragmatically evaluate complicated situations.
  • Capacity to identify issues, gather information, assess circumstances, and reach judgments.
  • Proficient in both spoken and written English as well as the native tongue.
  • Capacity to communicate with and guide staff members at different levels.
  • Excellent comprehension of confidentiality in the context of HR.
  • Expert with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and Outlook.

How to Utilise

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