Goal Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

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Goal Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Concerning GOAL

The goal of GOAL is to assist the most disadvantaged communities in developing creative solutions to reduce poverty and vulnerability, as well as to enable them react to and recover from humanitarian catastrophes.

For more than 30 years, GOAL, a non-profit organisation, has worked throughout Ethiopia’s entire region to guarantee that the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, as well as those impacted by humanitarian crises, have access to the basic necessities of life, such as sufficient housing, food and livelihoods, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, healthcare, and education. GOAL is a multi-sectoral development, resilience, recovery, and humanitarian responses programme implementer that pays close attention to cross-cutting concerns such as child protection, gender, accountability, and HIV/AIDS.

In this future, poverty will vanish, vulnerable populations will be resilient, obstacles to wellbeing will be eliminated, and everyone will have equal access to opportunities and rights. GOAL Irish Aid, USAID/OFDA, EHF, ECHO, and various private donors are the primary sources of funding for Ethiopia.

Overarching Goal of the Position


Under the direction of the Head of Legal Services, the Deputy Head of Legal Services will be in charge of giving the organisation and its management accurate and timely legal advice on a range of legal matters, such as but not limited to labour and employment, tax directives and government-related guidelines, immigration, finance, supplies, service & works contracts, and general operations. Conducting legal analysis, investigating and assessing various risk factors, and providing proactive counsel on potential legal difficulties are among the key responsibilities. Additionally, s/he has to be able to adapt the legislation to the specifics of the business. He or she will uphold the legal system’s understanding of the nation, clarify legal jargon, and provide appropriate advice to the organization’s management. The organization’s adherence to local legislation shall be routinely monitored and ensured by the Deputy Head of Legal Services. This position will also be in charge of managing the organization’s legal obligations, planning court order replies, producing and reviewing contracts and other paperwork, and offering a range of legal help. The Country Director shall assign the Deputy Head of Legal Services the responsibility of representing the organisation in court on its behalf. This person is expected to carry out this responsibility honourably, according to all national laws and the organization’s code of conduct policy.

Important Accountability and Duty Domains

Major Tasks/Duties list

• Staying abreast with recent developments in all relevant legal fields and adding to the body of knowledge supporting the organization’s legal role

• To offer legal advice on a variety of topics and help with the drafting of legal opinions, contracts, memoranda, and other briefing documents under the direction of the Head of Legal Services. • To perform legal analysis and research on various legal matters of the organisation.

• To actively participate in the preparation and writing of various acts and legal submissions, as well as the creation of reputable legal opinions, all under the direction of the Head of Legal Services.

• Under the direction of the Head of Legal Services, to bring, defend, appeal, reply, intervene, plead, interplead, oppose, or take any other action in connection with any lawsuit brought by or concerning the interest of GOAL Ethiopia in any court, quasi-judicial, arbitral tribunal, or other proceedings.

• To support the examination of the legal material and any other relevant papers in order to pinpoint the most crucial problems that must be resolved as soon as possible under the direction of the Head of Legal Services.

• Under the direction of the Head of Legal Services, to represent GOAL Ethiopia in Addis Ababa and its operational regions in Ethiopia in all courts.

•       Obtain copies of court rulings and other records for your reference at the Addis Ababa head office. Prepare interim and ad hoc legal reports on cases as directed by the supervisor.

• In the event that the Head of Legal Services is not present, provide monthly legal reports and status to the Country Director and Systems Director.

• Research and evaluate various risk factors regarding business decisions and operations; apply effective risk management techniques; provide timely and accurate legal advice to the organisation and management on a range of legal topics, including but not limited to labour laws, tax regulation, data protection, employment, immigration, finance, supplies, service & works contracts, and overall organization’s operation.

• Keep up-to-date knowledge of changes to the law; • Formulate the best possible legal solution after thoroughly analysing the legal problem; • Be able to provide much-needed legal assistance when handling legal tasks, litigations, contracts, and dispute resolution; and • Assist the organisation in making the right decision.

• From the perspective of the organisation, s/he should be competent enough to provide the intended result.

• He or she should have the ability to make wise choices and provide the required expert assistance.

• He or she should provide an assessment of whether or not all of the organization’s court cases adhere to legal standards.

• He or she will examine and investigate how laws, regulations, and other matters may impact the organization’s operations.

• S/he gives the company advice on how to reduce responsibility and legal risk.

• Handle complicated issues involving several parties and factors

• Assist the HR department with document preparation and review for disciplinary hearings.

• Assistance in carrying out investigations and getting witnesses ready for a disciplinary hearing.

• Complete all legal service-related duties when the Head of Legal Services is not present, as well as any additional responsibilities as delegated by management.

Divisions Under the direction of the Head of Legal Services, s/he will assist in the evaluation of supplier, employment contract, donor, and partner agreements with reference to the relevant national legislation.

• Give the company and its management clarity on legal terminology or requirements.

• Create and strengthen contracts, agreements, and other legal papers to guarantee the organization’s complete compliance with the law.

Under the direction of the Head of Legal Services, cooperate with department and sector leaders to guarantee adherence to regional legislation and global norms.

Keeping an eye out:

• To provide a welcoming, non-threatening, and secure work environment for everybody. A setting that appropriately handles safeguarding in its procedures and where obstacles to voicing concerns about safeguarding matters are recognised and, if practical, removed.

Work Schedule: The Deputy Head of Legal Services position is a full-time position that requires adherence to organisational policies and procedures, including potential after-hours work.

Principles & Actions:

• A steadfast dedication to preserving and advancing the principles of GOAL: humanity, respect, courage, integrity, and partnership.


Would you want to work for a dynamic company that enhances your professional development while having a significant positive influence on the community?  So come on over if you have:

• Must hold a law degree (bachelor or master’s) from an accredited institution; • hold worked as a legal officer or counsel for more than five years; • Have extensive knowledge and expertise with court procedures and litigation; and • Be able to make morally and ethically sound choices.

• Broad understanding of local laws and procedures; • Strong organisational, prioritisation, and time management skills; • Expertise in arbitration and mediation; • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook; • Previous work experience as Legal Counsel/advisor in INGO/Corporate organisation.

• Proficient in written and spoken English, Amharic, and Afan Oromo; strong interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills;

• Capable of performing effectively under duress; • Detail-oriented; • Flexible; • Team-oriented; driven; and • Willing to grow and learn.

• Using caution while managing private concerns and taking the initiative to solve problems.

• Excellent decision-making and the capacity to foresee hazards or legal difficulties

• A high standard of duty, ethics, and integrity in the workplace


REMUNERATION AND BENEFITS: GOAL will provide supplementary benefits in addition to a competitive base wage determined by salary grading.

• An opportunity to get real-world experience.

• Being a member of a group that still significantly improves the lives of the most defenceless individuals.

Commitments: GOAL is committed to maintaining its integrity, honesty, and culture, which is reflected in its fair and open recruiting process. GOAL is dedicated to making sure that its actions adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and the terms and circumstances of pertinent agreements. Pre-employment background checks will therefore be carried out, and staff members will be expected to read, comprehend, sign, and adhere to various policies, such as the codes of conduct, sexual harassment policy, protection from sexual exploitation and abuse policy, safeguarding and child protection policy, and any other policies, rules, and regulations of the company. The mission of GOAL is to protect people from sexual abuse, exploitation, and harassment (PSEAH). It is required of staff members, partners, and anyone involved in GOAL work to uphold GO’L’s PSEAH Policy and make moral choices that safeguard individuals, especially children and vulnerable adults, from sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.

How to Apply

  • For a single position, interested and eligible candidates must only submit one non-refundable application and resume. The application letter must include the title, duty station, and vacancy reference number.
  • Candidates may apply immediately at www.ethiojobs.net.
  • Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply by GOAL!
  • Only those who have been shortlisted will be called for a test and interview.
  • Candidates that made the short list will thereafter be required to provide further supporting documentation upon request.
  • GOAL is unable to reimburse applicants for any expenses they may have spent during the hiring process.



To apply for this job please visit www.ethiojobs.net.