EthioJobs – Ethiopian Job Vacancy 2024

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EthioJobs – Ethiopian Job Vacancy 2024

In response to a terrible drought and famine that decimated the population and took the lives of up to a million people in Ethiopia, CARE began operations there in 1984. The organization’s efforts have now grown to include addressing the underlying causes of vulnerability and poverty.

The CARE Ethiopia office switched from a project-based to a more targeted and deliberate program-based approach in 2008. In the eight years since that transformation, CARE Ethiopia has carried out several successful programs, all the while influencing government policies and practices, leading the way among NGOs in terms of thought leadership, and bringing about revolutionary change in rural areas. These deeper and wider effects stem from CARE Ethiopia’s overarching national strategy, which allows CARE to plan for scale, and reach beyond the immediate effects of its programmes.

While CARE Ethiopia works in several sectors, it has focused on the following as cross-cutting areas: Food Security and Resilience; WASH+; Nutrition; Dignified Work; Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; and Humanitarian Response.

Job Description

Working together with the Country Office program’s leadership team, you will lead the charge in developing and putting into practice the human capital strategy for a wide range of Ethiopian programs. Your ability to contribute to the vision, purpose, and values of CARE and develop the culture that flows from these ideas will be essential to your success in this position. Your contribution to a satisfying work environment is essential to the Country program’s overall success. Establishing and directing the company’s national employee engagement strategy will be crucial.

You must comprehend the CARE mission and goals to collaborate with the teams to develop human capital strategies in Ethiopia that support these goals in this strategic Human Resource (HR) role. In addition to ensuring that best practice HR policies and processes are implemented, you will be able to coach and advise your HR reports as well as the larger Country Office team. Leading analysis to oversee and assist with workforce planning is part of this. In addition, the role will guarantee HR function consistency and quality while considering various operational settings.

Along with CARE, you will establish methods to meet our gender objectives and implement a comprehensive talent management program in Ethiopia. CARE is passionate about bringing women to top leadership roles and talent development. This later plan will be comprehensive, encompassing talent management, succession planning, talent pipeline building, career progression learning and development programs, retention strategies, and all other necessary elements to foster exceptional team performance, individual fulfillment, and harmony.

This role will directly supervise the HR Manager: Talent Management, HR Manager: Compliance and Field Supports, GED Officer, HR Admin Assistant, and indirectly supervise the Senior HR Officers, HR Specialists, Roving HR specialists, and HR officers. It will report to the Deputy Country Director of Operations.

1. Guidance and Leadership

Participate actively in strategic planning and debates on the direction and advancement of the Ethiopia Programme as a member of the country leadership team. Offer guidance and assistance about all HR systems and business procedures.
Help the HR teams in the field to develop their capabilities in all HR-related disciplines and competencies by using matrix management.
Ensuring proactively that the HR policies and procedures are correctly interpreted by CARE’s rules and procedures, the nation’s labor legislation, and the civil code by:

Review and update national policies and procedures regularly to reflect changes to the regulatory landscape and operating environment.
Create and implement systems for compensation and reward management.
Works in tandem with senior leadership to comprehend the personnel, recruitment, retention, training, and culture strategy and objectives of the organization.

Compare best practices with those of other organizations, and utilize the data to provide management with recommendations on how to enhance CARE’s people-related strategies and achieve its targeted gender and diversity goals.
Establish procedures and governance (revision of salaries, bonuses, recognition, and promotions) to operate within a budget.
Actively interact with colleagues both within and outside the operations team using established and unofficial channels and frameworks.
Increase the field offices’ capabilities for more decentralization.
Engage in conversations with regional staff, CARE USA, CMPs, and other stakeholders while representing the country office abroad.

2. Hiring and Orientation

To guarantee that the company is finding and choosing the best individuals effectively and efficiently, oversee recruiting operations.
Create and implement talent management plans to make sure that hiring practices are efficient and meet the demands of the company. Establish mechanisms for luring people, recognizing vital talent requirements, cultivating key capabilities and related growth prospects, and including leadership in succession planning.

As needed, take part in senior-level interviews, and make sure managers get training on adhering to CARE recruiting processes.
Examine and suggest innovative solutions to recruiting problems while analyzing hiring patterns.
Make sure that all new hires have a suitable orientation and are informed of all important organizational rules by working with the HR Manager.

3. Management of Performance

Ensure that managers within the organization are prepared to provide ongoing, constructive feedback and coaching, work well with others when co-managing employees, and actively encourage staff to identify and close performance gaps. Lead the efficient and effective administration of the performance management process (probation, interim review, and annual review).
By CARE’s rules and procedures, guide employee complaints, disciplinary matters, and other administrative concerns. It would help if you also conferred with the legal adviser about staff court cases.

4. Planning for Succession and Talent Management

Assist the leadership group in establishing efficient processes for managing talent.
Make sure that CARE’s gender and diversity strategy is supported by the program’s capacity-building efforts and recruiting strategies.
Encourage professional growth routes within the larger CARE consortium.

5. Staff Well-Being and Employee Relations

Head initiatives to guarantee employees’ well-being at work.
Determine tactics to improve employee engagement, leadership, and staff development in addition to techniques to raise productivity and staff retention.

Collaborate closely with management to create a welcoming workplace, which should include supporting the staff social committee.
Collaborate with colleagues and field offices to improve relations, discourse, communication, and policy comprehension.
Reduce legal risk to the company by proactive employee education and training, well-defined procedures and systems for addressing employee disputes, and the management and investigation of complaints about discrimination, harassment, and other alleged unfair practices.

When necessary, take the lead in staff discussions and consultations.
Assist the leadership in overseeing the fraud investigation and the HR disciplinary procedure.
To draw in and keep employees, create and execute a competitive benefit plan and pay structure. Develop a Total Rewards/Pay philosophy in collaboration with the leadership, evaluate compensation and benefits market data regularly, keep an eye on pay practices and take proactive measures to resolve concerns, oversee benefit broker resources and the enrollment process, and manage the compensation and benefits department.

6. Safeguarding and the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation, and Abuse (PSHEA).

Make sure that every program throughout the country is aware of CARE’s PSHEA policy and processes.
Work with the leadership team and the country’s PSHEA focal person to develop the nation’s safeguarding plan.

Diversity and Gender

Make sure that all HR and administrative activity mainstreams gender and diversity.
Oversee and direct CARE’s female internship program strategically.
serves as one of the stewards of the gender and diversity action plan, spearheading initiatives to strengthen CARE’s organizational culture and recruiting, retention, and attitude transformation while promoting women within CARE Ethiopia.
Workplace Prerequisites


Hold a postgraduate degree in social science, specializing in human resources or similar subjects (a master’s degree is desirable but a bachelor’s degree is the least necessary).

Requires Experience and Competencies

a minimum of ten years of work experience, of which four had to be spent in top management positions.
While prior experience working for various subsidiaries or organizations is advantageous, each applicant must at the very least be able to show that they are capable of providing effective HR leadership in large businesses or divisions.
a fluent speaker and writer of both Amharic and English with a thorough awareness of Ethiopian labor laws, norms, and legal requirements
a powerful and captivating person with a strong background running the HR department at major corporations
Excellent management abilities: the capacity to inspire and lead a broad range of workers from various backgrounds in an inspiring and professional way; respect and understanding for local customs and values; adherence to and implementation of international work ethics and standards
Skills in problem-solving and original thought
Experience overseeing or working abroad for a global NGO is beneficial.
A confident, inwardly driven, and enthusiastic person with excellent communication skills who is determined to achieve and change the world
High standards of honesty, resiliency, responsibility, dedication, and determination are required.
data-driven while making decisions.

How to Apply

  • If you would like to contribute to CARE Ethiopia’s mission and vision by joining our dynamic team and working in an exciting environment, please send your resume (no more than three pages) and cover letter (no more than one page)
  • Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.
  • Candidates who fit the qualifications and are passionate and committed are highly encouraged to apply, particularly women!
  • The mission of CARE is to enhance the lives of those who are most marginalized, especially women and girls. Our strength is in our variety. People with a variety of experiences and backgrounds are welcome to apply.
  • The goal of CARE Ethiopia is to stop any undesirable behavior at work. This covers child abuse, exploitation and abuse, and sexual harassment. We anticipate that all of our employees will uphold this commitment by being aware of and adhering to the CARE Safeguarding Policy and its associated guidelines. Any abuse or exploitation of a vulnerable adult or child by any of our employees, agents, or partners is not tolerated by CARE Ethiopia.
  • CARE Ethiopia maintains the right to request information about instances of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and/or sexual harassment that applicants may have been found guilty of committing or about which an investigation was ongoing at the time of the applicant’s employment termination with that employer from their current and/or previous employers.
  • By applying, a job candidate certifies that CARE Ethiopia may seek the aforementioned information without cause. All job offers are contingent upon good references and relevant background checks.

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