Economics Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023

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Economics Job Vacancy in Ethiopia 2023


The Government of Ethiopia (GoE) established the Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI) to identify systemic bottlenecks, conduct studies and make recommendations, offer implementation support, manage projects, and establish links and coordination between various activities and agricultural development programs. The Institute is a government organization focused on strategy and execution that was established to aid in accelerating the development and transformation of the nation’s agricultural industry. By 2030, the ATI hopes to have established itself as the premier source of creative ideas that can help improve Ethiopian agriculture and provide higher incomes, inclusion, resilience, and sustainability to smallholder farmers.

For those looking to realize their full potential and meaningfully impact the nation’s agriculture industry, ATI offers one platform. The Ministry of Agriculture and other sectors along commodity value chains identified a core set of requirements, and the Institute’s programming emphasis responds to those needs. To assist strategic planning, manage and improve implementation capability, and test new models, the ATI collaborates with public, corporate, and non-governmental partners across all of its programs. ATI is now responsible for coordinating the sector’s updated Agriculture and Rural Development policy agendas, which requires a high level of knowledge of the relevant policy areas as well as coordination and networking abilities with many stakeholders.

We have a remarkable team of very skilled workers with a demonstrated track record of accomplishment in handling complicated tasks and producing transformative outcomes.  Talented, motivated, and adaptive people who are devoted to doing their best and demonstrate outstanding teamwork in our culture produce amazing outcomes.

For those looking to realize their full potential and significantly impact the nation’s agriculture economy, ATI offers an unparalleled platform. We provide fulfilling work in a young, quickly expanding company with enthusiastic, dedicated, and driven coworkers as well as outstanding career growth and training. We are devoted to giving our workers the resources, training, and mentorships they need to achieve their career ambitions since we recognize that they are our most significant assets.


The Senior Sub-Grant Officer will be a key player in the vertical operations division’s subgrant management team, managing and organizing a group that establishes, maintains, and promotes productive relationships between ATI and its subgrantee implementation partners. The Senior Sub-Grant Officer is in charge of providing the appropriate parties with updates on the technical development and financial performance of sub-grantees. In the pre-award, post-award, and sub-grant closing stages, the Officer oversees the whole sub-grant process.

By ATI’s sub-grant operation standards, the Senior Officer is also in charge of overall directing and assessing implementing partners, including governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as the business sector. The SGMO will also be in charge of providing general supervision to make sure that implementing partners carry out agreed-upon plans, delivering regular reports on programming progress and resource utilization, and keeping track of how financed activities are doing in comparison to set goals and targets. To compile and provide comments on both the technical and financial aspects of project proposals as well as to give input for project assessments, the SGMO will cooperate with all ATI Programme Teams. The SGMO also communicates with program teams, purchasing, and finance to monitor pertinent data, including the development of planned activities, new institutional alliances, and sub-grantee procedures.

The effectiveness of the senior sub-grant officer’s performance will be assessed primarily based on the extent to which sub-grants to Implementing Partners adhere to the guidelines and policies of ATI’s sub-grant operation manual and on the speed with which any sub-grant ideas proposed by the program team are processed by the required standards and within the specified timeframe.

The Director of the Sub-grant will receive reports from the Senior Sub-Grant Officer.


  • Develop grant agreements and other grant paperwork under your direction that complies with donor and ATI requirements as well as industry standards.
  • Ensure that the development partner’s criteria are met with effective delivery.
  • Oversees the Sub-grant manual’s execution, which outlines the main tasks and participants in the process of sub-grant solicitation, assessment, monitoring, and closeout.
  • Create and put into use various guides, instruments, and methods to make grant administration procedures easier.
  • Coordinate the sub-grant procedures with the corresponding program teams to make sure they are in line with internal program priorities, cross-cutting concerns, and donor priorities and requirements.
  • Assist and support sub-grant-related evaluations and internal and external audits.

facilitating the technical and financial evaluation report with recommendations from the technical evaluation team for consumption by the sub-grant review committee and taking notes of the evaluation team; ensuring the proper documentation (proposals, due dates, etc.) for government, NGOs, and private sector sub-grant applicants or program teams in the preparation of proposals for sub-grant consideration

  • Prepare and present monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual reports and updates, summarize the results of program implementation through a sub-grant approach and identify potential areas of improvement; • Work closely with the program and grant team under the partnership and resource mobilization and management team for proper post-sub-grant monitoring and evaluation and to keep consistency between narrative and financial reports of sub-grants; • Initiate and lead the monitoring and evaluation of programs/projects implemented through a sub-grant approach based on the identified major issues while compiling the monthly and quarterly reports; • Assist in the development of guidelines and program-wide efforts to create continuity, consistency, and standardization of the sub-grant process; • Lead problem-solving efforts mainly related to sub-grants with complex legal and technical issues; • Draft different correspondences to government and non-government organizations and private sector partners; • Performing any other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor.

Position Requirements

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited university in economics, business administration, finance, international development, or another comparable branch of study
  • At least six (6) years of experience in grant administration, donor compliance management, and sub-recipient grant management for a bachelor’s degree, or four (4) years for a master’s degree. This included two years in a position of authority.
  • Prior experience in the agricultural sector and with several donor-funded programs is a bonus.
  • Excellent relationship-building abilities with peers in government, non-profit organizations, and the commercial sector.
  • The capacity to organize and manage a heavy task in a hectic work environment.
  • Use original thinking to meet and resolve any unforeseen project demands.
  • Possesses solid written and verbal English communication abilities in addition to proficiency in one or more local languages.
  • Outstanding organizational and analytical abilities, together with superb attention to detail and a high level of personal initiative.
  • Knowledge of database management, project management, information collection, and fundamental accounting and budget management.
  • Development-related experiences, such as working in resource mobilization, grant management, donor relations, and project management for bilateral and multilateral organizations, private foundations, or NGOs.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and communication abilities.
  • The capacity to set priorities in a time-constrained setting and achieve deadlines.
  • Capacity to work efficiently and amicably with all parties involved, including various ATI teams, governmental agencies, partners in development and implementation, and other organizations.
  • Proficiency in any local language as well as written and spoken English and Amharic.
  • Strong proficiency with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • A readiness to uphold and respect ATI ideals.


We encourage all applicants who satisfy the prerequisites to send

(i) a cover letter and

(ii) a CV (no more than five pages)

  • The job title must be included in your cover letter’s subject line.
  • Scan copies of certificates should not be included with your application.
  • Application is strongly encouraged for women.
  • NB: Only those that have been shortlisted will hear from us.

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