Civil Engineering or Architecture Jobs in Ethiopia

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Civil Engineering or Architecture Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Specifications
We are here to support our hurting neighbors in this shattered planet.
As a global NGO, ZOA helps those who have lost everything as a result of a natural catastrophe or armed war. By working together, we can support them through crises and show our commitment to the communities we serve as they recover, giving them fresh chances to support themselves once again. ZOA’s operations are managed from the Netherlands. We operate in many nations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Together with (local) partners, we employ around 900 people globally. We cordially welcome you to become a member of our dedicated team.

ZOA is trying to find a

WASH/Officer of Shelter

The ZOA initiative in Ethiopia

ZOA has offices in Gambella Regional State (Gamella Town), Somali Regional State (Dolo Ado and Melkadida Refugee Camp), Tigray Regional State (Shire and Mekelle), Oromia Regional State (Harar), Amhara, and Addis Ababa, among other regions in Ethiopia. ZOA works with a wide range of people in Ethiopia, including returnees, host communities, internally displaced people (IDPs), people with disabilities, and a sizable number of refugees who escaped war and drought in Somalia, South Sudan, and Eritrea.

What we provide

ZOA provides a demanding job with several obligations. We give competitive pay and benefits that are appropriate for the non-profit industry, such as health, accident, and life insurance, provident funds, and training opportunities.

Your obstacle

The primary goal of the position is to supervise construction projects and provide technical advice on their quality, especially in relation to corrective measures and subpar building phases.

Normal Duties – Principal Outcomes of the Role: 

• Record government-mandated designs, specifications, and bill of quantities for schools, latrines, health centres, and other facilities for planning, budgeting, and quick implementation, as needed.

• Examine and suggest that infrastructure projects be completed in order to make payment.

• Carry out and support procedures that result in the start of infrastructure projects.

• Adapt conventional designs to the site conditions as needed to ensure the job is completed correctly.

• Create specifications, bid documents, and bills of quantities for infrastructure development projects.

• Examines project designs and requirements, projects labour, material, and commodity amounts, etc. required in order to begin scheduled building operations.

• Conduct regular site visits to monitor and oversee the programme office’s infrastructure project and make sure that the work is being completed in accordance with the contract.

• Work with partners and stakeholders to evaluate infrastructure development initiatives.

• Make sure take-off sheets are used, and double-check take-off sheets and payment certificates.

• Send in regular updates on the progress of your building projects.

• Carry out any additional responsibilities delegated to him that his immediate supervisor deems essential.


• ZOA associates;

• Affiliated Institutions;

• Participants in the project;

• Bureau of Regional Office Mining;

• More government representatives;

UN Organisations:

• Verify that the planned implementation of the infrastructure-related activities is carried out.

Your whole ZOA rewards bundle

1. Remuneration

We understand how essential financial stability and competitive pay are to you and your family.

• Compensation commensurate with the regional market, and earned in euros.

• An annual wage assessment that takes into account Ethiopia’s and your location’s cost of living.

• Salary increases every year determined on an evaluation of performance

2. Permissions

• Monthly transport allowance: ETB 5,000.

• Airtime Allowance: To help you work outside of the office, we give data and airtime.

• We provide a closed user group where you may communicate with colleagues for free.

• Food Allowance: ZOA pays 600 ETB a month and staff members contribute 400 ETB. We provide lunch every day at our offices.

• Severance payment: one month’s pay for each additional year of service.

• Hardship Allowance: You may be eligible for 20–40% more in allowances above your base pay if your employer has designated your workplace as distant or dangerous. As a result, we provide ZOA personnel working in the field offices of Gambella, Dollo Ado, and Shire a 40% hardship stipend.

• move stipend: Should you decide to permanently relocate or move to a different programme region, we provide a 10,000 ETB transfer stipend.

3. Accrued Leave

We understand that you have obligations outside of work.

• You have the freedom you need with our flexible paid time off plan.

o yearly Leave: In addition to public holidays, you are entitled to 20 days of yearly leave, plus an additional day for each additional full year.

· A four-month enhanced maternity leave provision

· Five working days of paternity leave.

o Rest and Recuperation (R&R): For every 12 weeks of consecutive work leave, unaccompanied employees who work away from their permanent place of residence in order to spend time with their families are granted 5 working days of R&R leave. Consequently, ZOA offers R&R leave to its staff members who are employed in the programme offices located in the areas of Tigray, Gambela, and Somalia.

4. Protection

Pension plus Provident Fund: 32% (22% from ZOA and 10% from You).

Insurance for life

Medical Insurance: ZOA pays 100% of each invoice for medical expenses, up to a maximum reimbursement of Br 200,000 ETB annually. We also cover your dependents.

5. Well-being

Your health and well-being are important to us. We provide a full range of health services as well as programmes to enhance your wellness.

• Covid-19: free PCR test and immunisation

• Every area now has a social committee in place.

Educating and Growing

• A professional development plan and financial assistance for obtaining the necessary certification.

Exam and study left

• Module on coaching and training

Job prerequisites

Proficiency, Education, and Work History:

• A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in architecture or civil engineering, an Advanced Diploma in construction or civil engineering, or any comparable amount of relevant work experience gained in a similar role;

• A minimum of three years of relevant experience working for an NGO to execute, oversee, monitor, and assess building projects, ideally in an emergency situation;

Proficiency in the Role

• Dedication to ZOA Relief \Hope\ Recovery’s vision and goals;

• A strong grasp of the local context is ideal.

• Proven capacity to operate both independently and collaboratively with team members in a cross-cultural setting, as well as to fulfil deadlines.

• Proficiency with typical business software, such as Word, Excel, and Power Point, and computer literacy

• Proficiency in writing and speaking English for communication


• Takes responsibility for choices made, effective resource management, and outcomes attained in accordance with ZOA’s fundamental principles;

• Solid understanding of CHS and ability to enable partners to operate in compliance with CHS;

• Holds partners and the team responsible for fulfilling their obligations, allowing them latitude to do so, offering the support they need to grow as performers, and enforcing suitable sanctions when desired outcomes are not met;

• Establishes a management atmosphere in the nation to guide, support, and uphold our culture of child protection.


• Establishes high standards for oneself;

• Engages and inspires people while sharing your own vision for ZOA widely;

strategic, forward-thinking, and globally minded.


• Establishes and preserves productive connections with members, contributors, partners, and teammates;

• respects variety and views it as a source of edge over competitors;

• Personable, attentive, and simple to communicate with.


• Creates and promotes fresh, creative solutions;

• Ready to accept measured risks.


• Sincere, promotes candour and candour;

• Consistently behaves in the kids’ best interests.

How to Utilise

ZOA is dedicated to diversity in the workplace and follows an equal opportunities policy. Men and women with impairments, individuals from all countries and cultures, and qualified individuals are all encouraged to apply.

Please use to submit a direct application if you are interested in this employment.

We like resumes that are no more than three pages.

Kindly include a minimum of three references that are connected to your prior job that you stated on the application. References from prior employment should be no more than five years old.

Only chosen applicants will be contacted and given an invitation to take part in the hiring process. Within four weeks of the position closing, it is our goal to notify all other applicants of their progress in the hiring process. A test might be included in the hiring process. Documents that don’t fit the aforementioned profile won’t be taken into consideration. In the event of comparable outcomes, internal applicants will be given preference.

Please be aware that ZOA verifies all applicants’ backgrounds and references as part of its hiring procedure. All reference checks at ZOA include a written form called the “Statement of Conduct,” which is submitted to previous employers with questions about misconduct (such sexual exploitation, abuse, or harassment). This is because ZOA is a participant in the Inter-Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme.

“Women are highly encouraged to apply for the position”

Additionally, if we identify a qualified applicant before the deadline, we have the right to cease accepting applications.

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