CARITAS Job vacancy 2024

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CARITAS Job vacancy 2024

Job Specifications
acting morally. We operate in 20 countries across four continents, including Switzerland. Come together with us and make a commitment to assist us in establishing a more compassionate society in Ethiopia.
For almost 45 years, CARITAS Switzerland (CACH) has operated in Ethiopia. At the moment, CACH collaborates with four Ethiopian partners. After effectively registering as an international non-governmental organization in Ethiopia, CACH is now able to carry out project execution. The primary areas of focus for CACH are migration, income, climate change, and humanitarian aid responses. At the moment, CACH operates in Tigray and Oromia. Currently, CACH oversees and carries out around 10 initiatives in these areas. In these areas, CACH undertakes and supports a variety of programs.

An Overview of Responsibilities
In order to assure and show a positive effect on the lives of beneficiaries and to maintain and enhance program quality throughout project execution, the MEAL officer works directly on all MEAL-related procedures and activities. Under the technical supervision of the CO-level MEAL Coordinator, s/he provides direct assistance to the PMs, area coordinators, and program and humanitarian relief units. In accordance with the country plan 2021–2025, s/he is in charge of carrying out field monitoring and evaluation tasks as well as needs for projects and programs already in place in their region of operation. This entails, among other duties, monitoring the execution of project activities and the output indicators that the project teams gather and measure; collecting, summarizing, assembling, disseminating, storing, and promptly reporting all types of data produced by the CACH projects; with a primary emphasis on timely submission of both qualitative and quantitative reports to the program management team, funders, and pertinent stakeholders. implementing monitoring exercises, creating and reviewing evaluation plans using the Kobo toolbox, Power BI, results framework, and other pertinent tools; sharing the results of monitoring and evaluation with the MEAL Coordinator and program teams; making sure that follow-up actions are documented in reports and weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings. Finally, working closely with all CACH employees in Ethiopia, s/he will support the enhancement of the CACH Ethiopian accountability framework.

Principal Areas of Accountability

Project Management and Coordination, Execution, and Reporting
• Consistently track the status of projects, evaluating data, processing, and illuminating them for reporting needs.
• Assist the PMs in compiling reports, verifying the requirements for each report, and keeping track of filing coordinators, PMs, and reporting deadlines.
• Work with the relevant project team and M&E support via the CACH Head Office to provide Terms of References (ToR) for surveys, assessments, evaluations, and reviews.
• Prepare project personnel in M&E for capacity development in collaboration with PMs and Deputies of units; in particular, focus on mobile and digital data collecting and processing.
• Updating formats and monitoring tools for all relevant projects.
• Demonstrating a willingness to take on duties and responsibilities beyond the ones listed above upon request.
• Actively assist in the execution of MEAL procedures by ensuring quality and provide technical assistance.
• Create, modify, and implement technical innovations and tools (such as Excel, Kobo, and Power BI) for data collection and analysis with the goal of enhancing the projects.
• Take part in creating an indication tracking matrix, an M&E strategy, and an M&E work plan that adhere to the project’s theme standards and practices.
• Assist other team members in gathering and recording success stories and best practices for sharing, learning, and reference.
• Set up meetings with program teams to discuss action planning and data analysis in order to assess overall project performance and data trends.
• Assist the field teams in making sure that frequent field visits are used to monitor project indicators.
• Examine each report to make that the information is accurate and dependable, that the goal indicators are reached, and that the reasons for any indications that are not met are given.
• Create and oversee a database system for assessment and tracking, and provide regular reports to keep the program informed and on track.

Workplace Prerequisites

The bulk of the locations listed below are represented by the ideal candidate:
• An advanced degree in M&E or something very comparable with a focus on monitoring and evaluation, as well as a first degree in M&E, project management, economics, and related subjects learning; possessing strong, demonstrated communication and writing abilities (elaboration of reports and proposals).
• A minimum of three years’ worth of relevant work experience in a position akin to monitoring and evaluation, reporting level, and hands-on field experience (as an officer, expert, etc.),
• Relevant experience working with other international organizations (NGOs) in Ethiopia; it is advantageous to have prior experience working with donor organizations.
• Proficiency in participative techniques, ability to solve problems, and exceptional writing, reporting, and communication abilities.
• Solid familiarity with the methodology, tools, and concepts of MEAL.
• Expertise with Power BI, advanced Excel, and Kobo Toolbox
• It is a must to have a strong command of the English language, both spoken and written.


• Adaptable and flexible, having a track record of swiftly and successfully responding to changing circumstances.
• At ease operating in a hectic setting and taking responsibility for achieving challenging goals.
• A problem-solving mindset that can easily adjust to shifting priorities and uphold rules.
• Well-organized, very accurate, and minutely detail-oriented.
• Capable of combining data from many sources;

• Easily adjust to shifting deadlines and priorities.

How to Apply

Duty stations will be the CACH Country Office in Addis Ababa. It is anticipated that the applicant would devote at least 40% of their work time to field travel, as they must be prepared to go on regular field excursions to all project locations.
The employment period is nine (09) months, with the option to extend.
A cover letter and an updated CV, no more than four pages, must be sent as PDF files by applicants. Any other format (word, JPG, etc.) will result in an instant rejection of the application. Both must be submitted in the same language as this vacancy notice. There are currently no further papers that need to be submitted. Applications with merely a CV will not be accepted.

Applicants Must Fill their information and send the PDF cover letter and CV through the link: (

Deadline for application is February 25, 2024. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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