Amref Health Africa Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

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Amref Health Africa Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Introduction to the Job Description
Improve Primary Health Care Service Delivery (IPHCSD) is a five-year initiative financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and executed in collaboration with Amref Health Africa and JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI). The project, which is being implemented in various regional states, aims to design a broader PHC model to pressure-test the operationalization of PHC service delivery packages and modalities via the network of care approach, as well as strengthen health system capacity through HEP roadmap implementation, providing the evidence base to inform improved national PHC policies, leverage larger financing mechanisms, and transform PHC service delivery for improved health outcomes.

To achieve the overall goal of improving reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health, as well as nutrition (RMNCAH-N) outcomes, the project has established primary and intermediate outcomes at the primary healthcare level:

• Ensuring fair access to and use of vital health care;

• Enhance the quality of vital health services

• Expand technical supervision and accountability.

The investment will incorporate gender as one method of accomplishing the above three targets via gender transformational and deliberate interventions. As a result, a gender analysis is being carried out, and a gender-responsive strategy is being designed. Furthermore, regional health bureaus, health workers at health facilities, and project employees will be trained in gender-responsive health programming, implementation, and monitoring.

As a result, this ToR is produced for the preparation of:

1. Training module for health professionals on gender in health (primary health care-RMNCAH-N) (TOT module and participant notes)

2. Gender and RMNCAH-N discussion guide aimed at religious and community leaders (including women and men community members/groups).

3. Provide healthcare personnel with TOT training.

The Goal of the Activity

• Create a contextualized gender training module, a gender orientation guide, and training for healthcare staff and community members.

Work Scope and Specific Tasks

• The Consultant agrees to provide services with the greatest professional and ethical competence and integrity, and he/she is strongly urged to provide highly engaging and practical outputs for this consulting.

• Consultation with the Ministry of Health and project gender and other specialists; it may be necessary to arrange a workshop with relevant stakeholders to acquire suggestions to improve the module, such as adding case studies.

• Review existing modules/training packages and community discussion guides (from the Federal Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, and other major agencies) and build on existing training material and approaches, including participatory methodologies that help trainees practically understand concepts.

• Before the final document is authorized, it should be reviewed and commented on by Amref Health Africa, the Ministry of Health, and other key stakeholders. A validation workshop might be conducted for final input and module completion.


The following major output papers are requested from the consultant:

• Create a training handbook and discussion guide on gender themes in the health sector, with an emphasis on reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health + nutrition (RMNCAH+N).

• Create a TOT module for the facilitator as well as a participant’s note separately.

• Provide TOT training to healthcare employees.

• Training for a certain number of participants at a training facility in Addis Abeba and regional cities (to be negotiated later)

• Complete and submit the training document in English.

• Design and construct a session plan, techniques to be used, and training material for each day.

• Creation of a pre/post-training evaluation instrument

• Submit a training idea (methodologies to be used, strategy, and so on).

• Conduct appropriate trainer-of-trainers (ToT) training.

• Final modification of the module (based on input from the training) and training report

The assignment’s location and duration.

• The consultant will perform the document preparation task at their own office within 30 working days. The course will be held in Addis Ababa.

• The training will be held on a later day and time, and the draft and final reports must be provided within a week of the training’s conclusion.

• There will be a total of five training days.

Task Administration

During the consultant’s assignment, Amref Health Africa will supply the following:

• Provide an overview of the assignment’s general goal and scope.

• Provide technical supervision (input, comments) and monitoring of assignment delivery by deliverables.

• Provide all essential program and national documentation to the Consultant/Trainer, as well as contextual background

• Hold a workshop with the Federal Ministry of Health and other key health stakeholders.

• Pay for training expenses (location, equipment, and any materials required).

• As needed, facilitate necessary logistical and travel arrangements.

• Covers consultant lodging and logistical assistance for trainings that are scheduled to take place outside of Addis Ababa.

• Go through and approve the final report.


Amref will pay the consultant in two installments dependent on deliverables.

• The consultant’s offer will be affected when the participants’ handbook and the TOT module have been approved.

• Awaiting the conclusion of the training session

Method and Process of Evaluation

The technical merits of the proposal will be evaluated first. The technical proposal receives a maximum of 70 points, with the pricing component receiving an additional 30 points. A desk review will be used to assess technical ideas. The following rate will be used to assign desk review scores:

• grasp of the TOR- a clear grasp of the assignment’s history and goals, as well as an explanation of the strategy/method that will be employed to achieve those objectives – (20%)

• Relevant experience working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in health and related to the activities mentioned in this TOR with examples supplied -(25%)

• Technical proposal with an explanation of the technique to be used- (25%)

NOTE: The financial proposal will only be considered if the technical evaluation score is more than 50% out of 70%.

Please keep in mind that proposers must provide the relevant documentation to support the aforementioned qualifying requirements.

Consultants/Trainers who are interested must submit the following:

• A clear grasp of the assignment’s history and goals, as well as a description of the strategy and actions that will be employed to achieve those objectives;

• A cover letter providing a short review of experience that qualifies the consultant for the listed position;

• A technical proposal that includes a description of the approach to be used as well as a budget.

preliminary work plan. CVs of consultants, as well as samples of comparable past work, will be included.

• In addition, the Consultant/Trainer should describe the financial offer.

containing the consultant fee, a proposed payment plan depending on successes and milestones, and so on.

Assignment timelines/duration

The overall time frame for handling the needed deliverables is 30 working days, and the training duration may be adjusted in response to mobility limitations and the current security situation.

Please keep in mind that any papers created under this contract will remain Amref’s property.

Bid submission (including necessary technical offers in soft copy)

• A signed one-page cover letter giving the applicant’s name, postal address, phone number, and short pertinent information.

• Technical proposal that includes the consultant’s recent experience in comparable projects as well as a thorough strategy for completing the tasks outlined in the particular task area.

• A financial proposal detailing the expenses connected with the assignment in Ethiopian Birr.

• Any papers, such as a curriculum vitae, job experience, a renewed license, or other material that the candidates believe would help the proposal review team evaluate the plan, may be added as an annex.

Job Prerequisites

The assignment will be completed by a consultant/team of consultants who will be held accountable for the specified results and deliverables. The following expertise and abilities will be required of the lead consultant:

• A Ph.D. in a relevant discipline, or a postgraduate degree in public health, development studies, social studies, or gender studies, with hands-on expertise in training module building; having designed a gender module is an additional plus.

• Knowledge and expertise in developing training manuals via testing and evaluation

integrating feedback from key stakeholders

• At least five years of hands-on experience in capacity-building efforts, preferably focusing on gender and health problems;

• Excellent written and vocal communication abilities in English;

• Understanding and practical expertise with gender equality programs in the health industry.

• Proven ability to work cooperatively and in coordination.

How to Apply 

All businesses should have the following documentation.

a. Bidders must have a current and renewed trade license for the year;

c. Bidders must be VAT registered only.

c. Only organizations with technical expertise will be considered for financial assessment.

d. The currency of the financial offer must be in ETB (Ethiopian Birr).

When delivering a soft copy of a technical document via email, please include the tender reference number 025/2023 in the subject line.

• Bidders must submit all applicable soft copies of technical documents via email to by October 16, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. (There is no need to provide a printed copy of the technical offer.)

• Financial proposals should be sent in hard form in a sealed separate envelope to the Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia Country Office listed below on or before October 16, 2023, at 10:00 a.m.


Amref Health Africa has an office in Ethiopia.

P.O. Box 20855 code 1000, Tel. 0116627851, Bole Sub-City, Woreda 03, H.No. 2310 Behind Bole Medhanialem Church or Beside “Abyssinia Plaza” ETHIOPIA’S ADDIS ABABA

Interested and qualified bidders may acquire further information from the Procurement Unit.

Any or all bids may be accepted or rejected by the aforementioned Office.


To apply for this job email your details to