African Union Job Vacancy 2024

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African Union Job Vacancy 2024

The African Union was founded as a distinct Pan-African organization with the mission of driving Africa’s swift integration and sustainable growth by fostering harmony, solidarity, cohesion, and collaboration among African States and their peoples as well as creating a New Partnership Worldwide. Its headquarters are situated in Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa.

The African Union plans to increase its ability to provide, among other things, the implementation of its organizational structure to achieve this goal.

The African Union Commission is pursuing this goal and is inviting citizens of Member States to apply for its internship program.

Emphasis Area

Generally speaking, interns support the below Departments/Directorates of the African Union by providing administrative and technical support for the successful implementation of its programs, projects, and activities:

Role: Intern
Qualifications Requirements: Must have earned a Bachelor’s degree or an advanced/postgraduate (Master) qualification in a related academic field OR Must be actively enrolled in at least the final year of a Bachelor’s degree program;

Experience: For the internship positions, prior work experience is not necessary.

Additional prerequisites:

be citizens of an African Union member state.
be enrolled full-time in their final year of a graduate program or bachelor’s degree program.
possess fluency in at least one of the working languages of the African Union, which are Portuguese, English, French, or Arabic.
possess a maximum age of thirty-two (32) years at the time of selection.
Have the utmost integrity and moral behavior standards.
except minor traffic offenses, have not been found guilty of any serious crimes.
The African Union Internship Programme gives interns the chance to enhance their educational background and advance their professional knowledge and expertise A full-time opportunity for qualified individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds to gain professional exposure within the AU is provided by the AU internship program. As a company that values diversity and collaboration, we invite all eligible candidates to apply. In addition to exhibiting a strong interest in the AU’s work, applicants should be able to communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs.

The program aims to improve participants’ professional and personal skills and expose them to the AU’s operations early in their careers. It gives participants a chance to learn in a multicultural setting and obtain practical experience in a range of relevant fields. Participants with sufficient knowledge and expertise in pertinent fields will support the AU even more, and it will act as a potential training ground for future African leaders.

Conditions of Use:

The AU will not bear any financial responsibility for the interns; they will be in charge of making travel and housing arrangements as well as living expenses.
When it comes to helping the interns get their entry and residency visas, AU will go above and beyond.

There won’t be any reimbursement for travel expenses for interns.
Only one three-month internship will be approved, renewable once for each candidate.
Medical travel or evacuation to and from the internship site at the Commission’s expense is not covered for interns.
As a result, interns must maintain personal insurance coverage for the whole internship.
Qualifications for the position:

proficient use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a computer
proficiency using the internet and email,
strong interpersonal abilities
Capability of written and verbal communication
Fluency in one or more AU languages and proficiency in one of the official working languages of the AU (French, English, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Kiswahili) are advantages.
Fundamental Skills:

Capacity for clear communication
the capacity to write succinctly and clearly
Have a strong work ethic, the capacity to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and the highest standards of morality and integrity
Place: Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa

Closing date: March 16, 2024

How to Apply: You can apply using the link below if you think you are qualified for the position and are interested in the post.

The internship program can be found at

Take note:

Online applications are accepted for admission to the AU Internship Programme.

You must register before you can log in if this is your first time using our online registration system. It is recommended that you include as much pertinent information as you can.

The following supporting documentation must be uploaded with the online application by applicants:

  • a letter of motivation outlining their goals for the internship program
  • a copy of a current national identity card or passport
  • certified copies of the pertinent degree certificates
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) as it is now
  • recommendation letter for an internship from the educational institution they are enrolled in
  • After submitting their application successfully, candidates will receive an email confirming their submission was received.