Addis Ababa University Lecture Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024

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Addis Ababa University (AAU), which was established in 1950 as the University College of Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa University Lecture Vacancies in Ethiopia 2024


Vacancy Announcement
The Department of Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore (College of Humanities, Language Studies, Journalism and Communication, Addis Ababa University) wishes to fill the following position with a qualified applicant.
Literature and Folklore

Position: Assistant Professor and above in Folklore

Qualification: PhD in Folklore from a recognized university, Awarded Higher Diploma in learning-teaching in Higher Education.
-Experience: 10 years and above experience in teaching MA and PhD courses and advising students, National and/or international professional
026 service.
Research and Publications: Book, Teaching material or more than 5 articles published in journals
– Reference: Two confidential letters of reference
-Number of Position: ONE
Date of the Application: Five working days from the date of the
Salary: As per the scale of higher education academics
Deadline: Within five working days from the date of the advertisement -Female applicants are encouraged.
Qualified applicants should submit their credentials to the Human Resource Development Office of the College.
The Department of Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore (CHLSJC, AAU)
Addis Ababa University


Coca-Cola Job Opening for 2024
There is a thrilling opening at East Africa Bottling Share Company in Ethiopia. The East Africa Bottling Share Company (EABSC) uses the most beloved trademark in the world, invests in the most advanced production system available, and hires individuals who are willing to work hard and passionately.

At Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, we are conscious of the need for affirmative action and are pleased to celebrate diversity. We also work toward creating an equal opportunity workplace. It is our policy to observe and abide by all national laws as well as our area standards.

At Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, hiring decisions are made exclusively on the basis of an applicant’s qualifications and merit in their line of work. Because of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or gender identity, we do not discriminate against current or prospective workers.

First Position: Maintenance Scheduler

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

Minimum of two years of relevant experience in a manufacturing setting, together with a first degree in Mechanical, Electrical, or Industrial Engineering, or a similar branch of study, is required.
The role will be accountable to the relevant Unit Manager – Utilities and Process and will oversee the relevant maintenance systems. It will also create planned and routine maintenance schedules, assist the maintenance team in carrying out maintenance, and help solve problems in order to optimize line availability and efficiency, reduce breakdowns, and minimize manufacturing costs.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

In order to enable the implementation of business strategies to leverage equipment, productivity, dependability, and maintainability, and consequently enable high plant availability and utilization at the lowest cost, the plant needs technical leadership and support in the area of asset management technology.
Implement the asset management plan.
Offer specialized assistance with asset management.
Make that predictive maintenance methods are applied appropriately.
Conduct audits of the asset management system to assess data integrity.
Help and mentor employees in the implementation and principles of asset management.
Maintain a risk-free, risk-free, and safe working environment.
Where: Bahir Dar

Second Position: Electrical Expert

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

a first degree in electrical engineering and a minimum of two years of manufacturing-related experience.
Reporting to the Production Team Leader is how the role is set up. The incumbent is in charge of maintaining health and safety standards, coaching the line process engineers, performing planned equipment maintenance, preventative maintenance, and second level breakdown support.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

• A works order was obtained from the team leader or maintenance planner for every scheduled activity.

• All pertinent data gathered in order to carry out tasks, such as manufacturer’s manuals and drawings.

• The necessary tools and spares have been found and acquired.

• Tasks are ranked in order to optimize plant availability and product quality (within predetermined maintenance parameters).

• With pertinent clients, permission to halt a plant or process and the amount of time needed are negotiated.

• Timely feedback on schedule variations and outstanding tasks is given to the planner or team leader.

• Weekly, daily, and shutdown operations carried out on time.

• Perform routine maintenance on equipment to guarantee high process dependability and adherence to established standards.

• Plant/process isolated in accordance with applicable protocols.

• All quality standards are met by maintenance and repairs completed in accordance with the works order.

• After the task is completed, the plant, machinery, and process are commissioned and given to the customer for approval.

• Data gathered, recorded, and comments given to pertinent clients.

Where: Bahir Dar

Third Position: Machine Expert

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

a mechanical engineering first degree and a minimum of three years of relevant work experience in an industrial setting.

The role’s structure calls for it to report to the appropriate maintenance controller. Its duties include maintaining, repairing, and optimizing equipment and related devices to guarantee equipment availability and product quality at the lowest possible cost without compromising standards.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

Support for Operations
Scheduled Upkeep
Typical Upkeep
Executing Fixes
Solving Issues
Safety and housekeeping
Encouragement Trials and implementation of NPD:
Education and Training
Where: Sebeta

Fourth Position: Head of Production Team

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

a first degree in mechanical, industrial, or electrical engineering and at least three years of relevant work experience in a production setting.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

Assist team members in correctly carrying out their operational and technical responsibilities.
Plans for deploying work practices are communicated, and team buy-in is guaranteed.
ensuring that team members are aware of and follow the performance target, work instructions, maintenance schedules, operational, quality, and process standards.
Verify that team members follow work instructions and maintenance schedules when doing necessary autonomous maintenance chores and any necessary running repairs during their shifts.
Make certain that everyone in the team is aware of and follows the quality standards.
To guarantee team alignment, communicate team goals and conduct frequent reviews.
Team members should be coached and given assistance in applying appropriate problem-solving strategies (like 5Why, rapid fixes, OPLs, etc.) to address situational issues.
Make sure SIC systems (such as mass balance) are in place to measure and monitor waste.
Where: Addis Ababa

Position 5: Warehouse Team Leader

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

a first degree in management, accounting, business administration, logistics, and supply chain management, or a similar field of study, with at least three years of equivalent experience.

The incumbent is in charge of overseeing all warehouse operations, and the role is designed to report to the warehouse manager.In order to guarantee the smooth running of the warehouse function, the position holder also oversees the performance and capability development of the storekeeper and forklift operators.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

Oversee the operational team’s performance of all incoming and outgoing movements.

2. Oversee a precise and efficient production interface.

3. Organize every work to the highest standards of impeccable cleanliness.

4. Oversee the efficient completion of system transactions and carry out reconciliations at the conclusion of each shift.

5. People management: Control your own and your team’s output.

Where: Addis Ababa

Sixth position: Team Leader for Process

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

a minimum of three years of relevant experience in the food processing industry combined with a first degree in chemical engineering, food process engineering, or a comparable branch of study.

The role is designed to report to the Unit Manager: Process and is accountable for overseeing and leading the operation of specific equipment in the Testing Room Facilities, Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant, and Syrup.Furthermore, the incumbent bears the responsibility of overseeing a team of technicians and operators.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

1. Oversee water and waste water treatment facilities as well as the syrup room manufacturing factory.

2. Guide and oversee others.

3. Put continuous improvement plans into action.

4. Adhere to and carry out SHEQ guidelines.

5. Oversee and oversee equipment.

Where: Sebeta


Post 7: Coordinator of the Route to the Market

Knowledge, Experience, and Training:

With a minimum of two years of sales experience, a first degree in marketing, salesmanship, business management, economics, accounting, or similar subjects is required.

The role is designed to answer to the Market Manager via the Route to Route.and will be in charge of managing every task pertaining to the Route to Market.

Principal Tasks and Accountabilities:

How to Go About Executing a Market
Efficiency, engagement, RED execution, channel management, and sales force effectiveness (SFE)
Digital agenda for commerce, encompassing sales automation, etc.
Perform EDS in designated regions.
Control the Mapping Procedure
Oversee and oversee to guarantee accurate data is supplied.
Launch the RTM Model
RTM model executive implementation
Data analysis and management approval for the RTM model
Prepare data and obtain management permission for the RTM model.
Assemble management, KPI, and design tools to ensure the RTM Model is maintained.
Hire and Choose Employees
Oversee coaching and training
Where: Addis Ababa

Closing Date: April 19, 2024

How to Apply: Interested parties may submit an online application utilizing the Coca-Cola Company E-Recruitment website, which is based on the job list.

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