Accounting and Finance Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

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Accounting and Finance Job Vacancy in Ethiopia

Overview of the Position at EDI Ethiopia

The Ministry of Labour and Skills is the ultimate authority for the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) Ethiopia, an independent organization. With the most recent government reorganization, EDI was formed by combining two organizations: the Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP), funded by the World Bank and launched in December 2012, and the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC), supported by the UNDP and founded in February 2013. The goal of EDI is to encourage the growth of a dynamic, inventive, and competitive private sector, focusing on the SME market. A wide range of entrepreneurship support programs, including ecosystem and capacity building, business development services (BDS), financing access, market linkage, and company incubation and acceleration services, are used to achieve this. As a result of its new national institution mission, EDI has strategically shifted from providing direct services to enhancing the capabilities of other public and private institutions within the ecosystem. It now plays a significant role in the Ethiopian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Regarding SEED Programme

A five-year program managed by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) and a group of organizations led by the Mastercard Foundation is called the Sustainable Employment via Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) Programme. The program’s goal is to provide one million Ethiopian women and adolescents with respectable, fulfilling jobs. SEED will be anchored at Technical, Vocational, and Training (TVT) institutions to support the advancement of education and youth employment. By introducing transformative operational business models and supporting the establishment and operation of business incubation centers and the development of high-quality, demand-driven training programs, SEED hopes to capacitate 100 TVTs and foster the relationships necessary for cooperation and collaboration, enabling TVTs to become self-reliant and entrepreneurial.

The program consists of four main interventions: i) transforming 100 TVTs to enable one million people to work in a dignified and fulfilling manner; ii) improving young people’s employability through enterprise development and skilling; iii) facilitating creative access to finance and market connections; and iv) enhancing the environment that fosters entrepreneurship and enterprise development.


Task range and job description 

In terms of financial transaction processing, recording, data management, treasury/disbursement management, accounts receivable/accounts payable management, reporting, and the organization-wide budgeting process, the Finance Specialist bears special responsibility for the deliverables of the finance team. To guarantee that duties are completed, the financial officer’s actions are directly supervised by the finance expert, who collaborates closely with them. To maintain the efficient operation of the team, the finance expert also serves as a liaison between the Finance Officer, the Finance and Administration Manager, and the other members of the finance team.

The duties of a financial specialist include:

• Work with EDI management and other departments to compile and examine financial data.

• Creates financial models and prepares financial strategies.

• Compliance with professional and legal requirements while preparing financial statements and budget reports.

• Keeps an eye on how financial plans are being carried out, assessing risks and making necessary modifications.

• Provides progress reports and records financial procedures.

• Use fast book accounting software to log daily transactions, and maintain accurate financial records in case of an audit.

• Remain up to date on financial management best practices and regulatory needs.

• Creates and maintains a current, trustworthy financial management system.

• Created a monthly financial reconciliation for each project’s bank account.

• Keep track of all bank-related transactions, such as deposits, cheque clearing, daily account balances, and bank account-related receipts.

• Creates yearly and quarterly reports for the projects and program.

• Completes other relevant tasks as needed.

One position is available.

Duration of contract: One year, with potential for renewal

Number Required: (1) One

Job prerequisites

• Qualifications for a Finance Specialist:

• A bachelor’s degree in business management, accounting, finance, or another relevant discipline, or an MA or MSc.

• A minimum of seven years experience in financial consulting or related roles.

• Expertise in spreadsheet applications, statistical analysis, and business management.

• Comprehensive understanding of projections, models, and financial analyses.

• Excellent focus on details.

• Outstanding teamwork and communication abilities.

• Proven capacity for strategic and analytical thought.

• Outstanding time-management and organizing abilities.

• Comprehensive familiarity with fast book accounting software

• Capacity to use fundamental geometry and algebraic principles

How to Utilise

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)-Ethiopia is now inviting qualified individuals to submit applications for the aforementioned roles. Interested parties should provide documentation proving they possess the necessary training and appropriate work experience to perform the essential services.

On their application letter, candidates should specify the name of the post they are applying for.

We strongly encourage female candidates to apply for any post.

Applying for the job requires submitting a written application to the address below by October 24, 2023, at 4:00 PM. You can apply online, by mail at, or in person. Your application must include a recent, concise CV, a letter of application, and any other pertinent supporting documentation.

Additional details are available at the following location from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. during business hours.

The address of the customer is:

  • Ethiopia’s Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)
  • About: the third level of Kasanchis Nega City Mall

Number to call: +251 115571150 via email Nation: – Ethiopia

To apply for this job email your details to