Ethiopian National Lottery Winning Numbers Latest News

Ethiopian National Lottery Winning Numbers Latest News

Ethiopian National Lottery News

The guideline governing Ethiopia’s betting sector is scheduled to be amended by the National Lottery Administration. This occurs a year after the government momentarily ceased granting new licenses to gaming enterprises.

The Administration was given the authority to oversee and license betting enterprises by its establishment proclamation, which was passed in 2007. A similar order was implemented five years before.

Tewodros Neway, the Administration’s director of communications, said, “The new directive will guide the betting market and the decision to open the sector to new entrants will be made soon after it is finalized.”

In Ethiopia, there are 42 active bookmakers at the moment. In the latter part of the previous Ethiopian year, betting firms were shuttered due to the Coronavirus outbreak, which stopped almost all live sports. Nevertheless, with the revival of major sports leagues, they began operating again in August 2020.

Although the Administration is steadfast in its stance, several companies have shown interest in obtaining fresh betting licenses in the meantime. Tewodros said, “A lot of people have voiced their displeasure with sports betting activities, citing its detrimental effects on the youth.”

In order to evaluate the effects of betting operations, the Administration formed a task group and worked with the Ethiopian Management Institute to undertake a research in response to concerns from various stakeholders and the general public.

The new guideline would tighten regulations on betting organizations’ day-to-day operations and include information on where they should be located. Additionally, it would mandate that betting businesses provide reports on their activities on a regular basis. The instructions will be completed and sent to the Ministry of Revenues for approval.


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