Job Vacancy In Ethiopia 2024

Job Vacancy In Ethiopia 2024

Job Vacancy In Ethiopia 2024

Addis Ababa University Education and behavioural students

The significance of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is acknowledged by various national and international organizations. The “Education for All” Dakar Declaration (2000) emphasizes the essential relevance of ECCE. Ethiopia’s appalling kindergarten GRE results serve as evidence of the necessity for ECCE.



The National Education and Training Policy (1994), for instance, specifies that “Preschool will focus on all rounded development of the child in preparation for formal schooling.” This is just one example of how the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia prioritizes ECCE in its policies. Similar to this, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the FDRE’s Developmental Social Welfare Policy (MOLSA, 1996) declares that every effort will be made to put regional and international conventions pertaining to children’s rights into effect through legal instruments. All things considered, the Ethiopian government has acknowledged and given priority to the role that early childhood education plays in faster achievement of the previous Education for All, the Millennium Development Goals, and the current Sustainable Development Goals.


Moreover, the national policy framework directs Addis Ababa University to host the center. “An ECCE expertise center will be established within Addis Ababa University,” it says. This center will be in charge of research and innovation, degree-level trainer training, monitoring and evaluation, and the creation of an ECCE degree program. Thus, the Center for Early Childhood Care and Education at AAU’s College of Education and Behavioral Studies was founded in 2015 with these strong foundations.

The Center’s location at Addis Abeba University puts it in a prime location to advance indigenous knowledge by developing and promoting the ECCE research foundation throughout Ethiopia and all of Africa. Teachers and early childhood experts around the nation, as well as ECCE teachers at universities, would have free access to the Center.


One of the public enterprises, Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), was founded in 2014. With the full backing of the government, IPDC is growing into a fast-moving industrialization engine that supports and draws in both foreign and domestic investors, fosters manufacturing industries, and speeds up economic transformation.

It provides serviced industrial land, pre-built factory sheds with comprehensive utilities, and infrastructure facilities that meet international standards without compromising the safety of the environment or the security of the workforce in order to activate both pre- and post-investment servicing.

It is noteworthy, in fact, that investors in industrial parks with designated status can obtain a one-stop shop service from IPDC thanks to its cooperation with the Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority, and other organizations.




Arsho Medical Laboratory PLC Job Vacancy 2024

This job posting summarizes the available positions as follows:

  • HR & General Service Manager; Department: HR Department;
  • Organization Type: Private;
  • Hiring Authority: Arsho Medical Laboratory PLC;
  • Position: Full-Time;
  • Closing Date: June 24, 2024;
  • Application Process: Offline;
  • For additional information, contact 011-416-71-20 or 011-126-56-35.

Requirements for the Position:

• Minimum prerequisite First degree in public administration, human resource management, or a similar discipline.


• Seven years of experience or more; prior work in the medical field is preferred.

Particular areas of work experience include:

• Strong understanding of HRM and Administration operational policies and processes; strong communication skills both in writing and speaking; and significant understanding of labor law, policy, and procedures.

Type of Job:

• In charge of overseeing and directing all HR-related operations, including hiring, employee relations, compensation planning, training, benefits administration, and any other HR-related tasks required to meet corporate objectives.
• Uphold policies by creating and endorsing human resource manuals and procedures.
• Oversee succession planning, hiring, and related policies and procedures.
• Put performance management systems into place and oversee them.
• Oversee the associate relations initiatives and procedures.
• Manage labor relations when necessary or appropriate.
• Oversee all HR information systems and procedures.
• Carry out additional tasks as needed.

How can I apply for Jobs 2024 at Arsho Medical Laboratory PLC?

Interested candidates should send their non-refundable application letter, resume, and copies of any supporting documentation to the following address: Arada Sub-City Human Resource Office, behind Arato Medical Laboratories PLC, Arat Kilo, 011-416-71-20/ 011-126-56-35.



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