Medebegna Lottery 2016 Results Ethiopia 2024

Medebegna Lottery 2016 Results Ethiopia 2024

The Addis Ababa City Administration said on Wednesday that it has canceled the apartment distribution lottery that was held last week.

The software program used for the lottery drawing, according to the city, contains bugs and was designed in a manner that would allow anybody to use it for illicit purposes.

The storyline differs from what the city said about three days before. Then it said that the appropriate department of the local government had confirmed the application’s quality. Regarding it, consultation with the Federal Ministry of Innovation and Technology was also held.

Regarding the issue that arose during the lottery draw, the city claimed that there was a mismatch between the data that was entered into the program and the data that was sent in from banks (which attests to the fact that registered users have been saving, which is one of the prerequisites to participate in the lottery draw).

Although it remained unclear who was responsible, the city claimed to have made arrests. The most recent round of distribution, which took place last Friday, included 25,491 condominium units.

It seems that the program developers are now mostly to blame. “The lottery draw’s technology lacked legality in its contents and was used by individuals to pursue their illegal motive,” the statement said.

The National Information and Security Service committee that was tasked with coordinating the investigation claims to have looked into a software issue that is now being blamed for the draw’s “error.”

“The lottery draw system did not adhere to the professional procedure,” it is alleged. The application was not developed under industry standards, nor were audits conducted before, during, or after development.

An ENA report states that 10 arrests were made in all. They work for the Housing office as well as the Science and Technology office. Additionally, the majority of them work in software.

Adanech Abiebie, the mayor, claims that the purpose of the lottery draw “mistake” was to “make people lose trust in the government.”

The city has declared that it will hold another lottery draw.

In meanwhile, city dwellers who registered for condo units and have been accumulating the necessary funds are asking for an explanation that is both logical and transparent on what really transpired during the draw.

Residents are suggesting that the city shouldn’t try to hide what occurred, according to an Ethiopian Reporter story. Rather, they aim to clarify the actual events that took place.

Allegations existed in the past that the political force in charge of the present power structure tried to change Addis Ababa’s demographics so that ethnic Oromo would become the majority population. The city’s administrations had rejected it ever since Takele Uma’s time.

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