Fully Funded Scholarship For Ethiopian Students

Fully Funded Scholarship For Ethiopian Students In Japan 2023

  • All Degrees | Fully Funded Japanese Training | OIST Internship In Japan 2023–24 | Apply Now
  • Students with a bachelor’s or master’s degree may apply for an OIST summer internship in Japan.
  • Visit the High Commission of Canada Scholarships page for 2023.
  • This summer internship program in Japan for 2023–2024 is completely financed, which is fantastic news.
  • The Japanese Ministry of Education will pay for all costs associated with overseas students.
  • The OIST Internship application process is free of charge. To be chosen for the OIST Japan Internship program, you don’t have to take the IELTS or any other language exams.
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  • OIST training must last at least two to six months, often ten to twelve weeks.
  • OIST is a renowned scientific and technology institution. One of her lecturers discussed the vision of AI scientists and their role in ground-breaking scientific breakthroughs in her most recent podcast.
  • However, the institution solely has research units, which distinguishes it as distinct and exclusive. Most of the university’s faculty members are from countries other than Japan, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. OIST furthermore provides a 5-year Ph.D. program.
  • It is noted that young graduates or recent graduates must have completed a 2- to 6-month internship as part of the OIST Internship Programme to continue in the Ph.D. program there.
  • Because of this, both recent graduates and students are eligible for overseas internships.

Details 2023–2024 OIST Internship in Japan

The host nation is Japan.

  • Ten to twelve weeks of training.

Benefits related to training finances: fully funded.

  • The Okinawa Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) provides training in Japan.
  • Level of Achievement: Graduate (Masters/Masters/Master students) and Undergraduate (Bachelor/Undergraduate students)
  • Closing date: October 23–24

The cost of a Japanese internship:

  • Monthly Wage.
  • Free Visa help.
  • Round-trip air travel.
  • Free insurance.
  • Lodging (provided without charge).

Fields for OIST Internships

Undergraduate and graduate students may participate in internship opportunities as research interns at the OIST Graduate School in a variety of subjects.

  • Environmental; Ecological and Marine Sciences; Biology; Neuroscience; Chemistry; Physics; Mathematics; Computational Science; Biology; and Neuroscience.
  • Science, engineering, and medicine.

The aforementioned areas are open for research as an Intern.

OIST Internship Programme Eligibility Requirements 2023–2024:

  • Students in their last two years of an undergraduate or graduate program in Japan or abroad are eligible to apply.
  • Students who have just graduated from school may apply.
  • The home institution of the presently enrolled students must provide permission for the OIST internship.
  • The applicant’s academic history must be compatible with the OIST internship unit that they are seeking.

How to Apply

  • The OIST internship program’s application procedure is entirely online.
  • The Separate Application does not need to be submitted. Candidates must first register for an account on the OIST Portal.



Fully Funded Scholarship For Ethiopian Students in Saudi Arabia

Scholarships at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia for 2023–24 100% funded
the university’s composition. With more than 34,000 students enrolled, King Saud University is regarded as a big institution of higher learning. Foreigners and nationals may both apply. Nine out of every ten pupils are foreigners. There are more than 4,000 professors and instructors on the academic staff of KSU.

Scholarships at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, brief description 2023–24

Location of the scholarship: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

• King Saud University in Riyadh is the host institution or organization.

• Fully-funded scholarships as the Type of Fund

• Undergraduate level of education

• International students (male and female) are eligible from a variety of countries.

• The deadline for applications is still open.

Benefits of King Saud University Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for 2023–24

• A monthly stipend is comparable to the incentive Saudi students get at the same time.

• A student who has exceptional grades during an academic year is rewarded with a sum of (1000) Saudi Riyals.

• The student receives an economy class ticket for his or her first journey to the Kingdom, a round trip ticket after each academic session for travel back home, and a one-way ticket after their studies.

• The student will get free housing in the university residence hall.

• In all university hospitals, students will get free care.

• A decrease in the student’s book weight value after finishing his research on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Saudi Arabia Scholarships at King Saud University 2023–24 Eligibility

For the King Saud University Scholarship, you must:

• Have a high school diploma or an equivalent.

• Typically have a very strong secondary school diploma.

• Did not previously enroll in a course of study in Saudi Arabia.

• Be in good health.

• Have a maximum age of twenty-five (25) years.

• Female candidates must have a close family member who lives in Saudi Arabia or be applying for the scholarship.

Essential Documents

Candidates who are interested in the King Saud University Scholarship must be prepared to submit the necessary paperwork:

• Form of Application

• Foreign Identity Passport

• Genuine copies of academic records

• Letters of recommendation

• A color duplicate of the high school diploma’s original.

The following authorities should properly ratify and validate the provided documents:

• The Ministry of Education of the nation where the secondary diploma was granted, or a replacement for it

• The foreign ministry or a representative from the nation where the secondary certificate was granted

• The papers presented for equivalence should not have any data scraping or manipulation, and the owner’s name should match the name on his passport and prior study records.

King Saud University’s requirements for international students’ admission

KSU follows the generally high entrance standards used by Saudi institutions. Each candidate will need to get their home nation’s permission. An Islamic authority will then need to certify their diplomas.

Additionally, students must provide all forms of paperwork, such as three current pictures, police records, and a medical clearance. Additionally, there are language requirements. For English programs, you must have a good TOEFL or IELTS score, although Arabic proficiency is also required.

Additionally, graduate candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree that meets Saudi criteria, and the majority of the faculties to which students may apply have GPA requirements. Before being allowed to enroll, all students must complete an Arabic language course.

Visit the official website, please. CLICK HERE

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